OSU Knowledge Graph – an Idea

Just working on an idea, thought I’d share!

The “OSU Knowledge Graph” is a an idea that there would be a graph database that relates EVERYTHING that goes on here at the university, including courses, master schedule, buildings, buses, dining, rec sports, news, events, and even student schedules!

Check out a sneak peek:



HighEdWeb 2013, here I come!

I’m so grateful to be presenting at HighEdWeb’s 2013 national conference!  My talk, “Hyperlinked Native Mobile Applications”, explores how native mobile applications can be architected to include the ease of creating websites and flexibility of websites!  Also, the most important aspect is the ability to use the concept of the “hyperlink” to navigate from one “domain” to the next within a native mobile application.

Think if this as a glorified browser, but instead of rendering HTML, the application parses the content and renders it with native components via very specific markup and instructions.

Here’s a preview of what’s happening inside my mind (disclaimer: still in progress!):