Book: Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say ****

Airport/plane read while I was waiting to get back to Columbus from Ohio.

This was a kind of manners guide for the twenty-teens, and I found it to be very entertaining. A couple of specific virtues:

  • The sections on tipping were great, freeing: basically, stop complaining about having to tip people. When you go to fancy restaurants, hotels, fancy places with valet parking, etc., be a grown-up and accept that tipping is part of the cost of these luxuries. Go to a bank and get small bills and keep them with you when you do these things.
  • The dating/romance parts were traditional but insightful and helpful. A good explanation for men about how not to be a creeper; (because sadly this never goes without saying) that women can dress or act to attract (whom they’re interested in) and that this doesn’t mean every person on earth has a right to act as if these women are giving them an invitation.

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