Maintaining Motivation Blog Post- Module 7

Last blog post:( but definitely an important one! All of the past study strategies won’t have any use if you’re not MOTIVATED to implement them and with motivation comes focus and hard work. Based off of what I’ve learned, staying focus and avoiding distractions are some of the best tips to keep your motivation sharp! I really enjoyed this video from the Module 7 lecture about both of these topics:

Even though it may seem simple, staying focused isn’t always the easiest. In my personal experience, I have always struggled with getting distracted when I’m working or studying for long periods of time. I usually find myself multitasking, which leads to me working or studying for a shorter amount of time. To improve my work stamina, I tried using a tool that I discovered and loved from this module called Tomato Timer. This tool is essentially a timer with 25 minutes for work time and 5 minutes for break time. During the work timer, I would focus and have no distractions for a straight 25 minute time. When my break came around, I would grab a snack, scroll through my phone, or look at other things I had to do later. Using this tool allowed me to work for a total of 5-6 hours, which is twice as long as my normal work stamina! My future goal is to find more quiet work spaces; because I go to a large school and live in a house with lots of people, I find this a common occurrence. My advice is to do what works best for you; although some need a dead silent work space, others may need a little chatter or music in the background. I hope you found all my tips useful:)

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