Searching and Researching- Module 6

This module was my least favorite, but is definitely one of the most important in my opinion! Personally, I hate writing papers, but knowing how to write one properly is very important, especially in college. Here is a video from the module that I found extremely helpful and good to look back to:

Research papers can be a handful, and the reason why regards the sources you use. Finding credible sources is a MUST because you can’t have a successful paper without a reliable source. To find these, using the right database is important. I know Google Scholar is utilized a lot, but personally I like to use the university’s library database to find my sources, but don’t just rely on that. Once you find a source that seems appropriate, look for the reliability, quality, and utility of the source. Try to avoid any website with the prefix Wiki- in front of it; those sources are unreliable because anyone can gain access to editing the document. If you still can’t find any luck after doing all these things, maybe try to edit your research question or the phrasing of what you type into the search bar. Research questions are not suppose to have a technical “right” or “wrong” answer, so keep that in mind when you go looking for your sources!

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