Web Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies- Module 5

As college students, effective college study is needed to be successful in college. Staying up studying for several hours may not be the best way to learn and grasp new information. From this week’s module, I thought this video was very helpful in describing how effective learning works and how it is done.

From this week’s Module 5, I have learned and focused on different aspects of studying. I think the two most important things when it comes to learning is active listening and note taking. It is easy to get distracted in class, especially here at The Ohio State University where there can be lectures as big as 500 people! Something to keep in mind is that lecture won’t be that long compared to other things you do in your day, so it’s very important to stay engaged during the whole duration on the lecture. Personally, I find it helpful to silent ans put away my phone to avoid distractions and multitasking. When it comes to note taking, I personally like typing, not because its faster, but sometimes hand written notes take too long, so I don’t comprehend what I’m writing; when I type my notes, I find myself saying every word I type out in my head, so I don’t get lost in the lecture. Different things work better for different people, but active listening and the right type of note taking can take your future success a long way!

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