Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies- Module 4

In this module, I learned several things that have an impact on my study habits. First, I find that when I study, it is difficult for me to stay fully engaged when I’m reading. When I try to underline and highlight things to keep me focused, I try not to let mindless highlighting to get the best of me; this video in the lesson is something I found very helpful:

It is important to truly process what you are trying to read/study, especially in college where we have to take in lots of new information every day!

Another thing that goes hand-in-hand with focused studying is memorization. For me, I have always struggled with being distracted during my studying, and it makes memorization very difficult. My advice is to get rid of all/any possible distractions around you. I am extremely guilty of multi-tasking when I study and it can be as small as watching a movie or listening to music. After this module, I realize that even the small distractions can take away your attention, which means you are learning less, understanding less, and being less productive with your studying. I also recommend taking 5-10 minute breaks after every hour of studying so that you can truly be productive when you need to.

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