Efficiency in the Digital Age- Module 3

This module was very useful for me; as soon as I opened the slides I knew that this week’s topic applied to my struggles and goals. My struggle (and most college students’ struggle) is procrastination, as it was addressed on the first slides of this module. This is a very common problem, so I found this module extremely helpful and I learned lots of useful things. First, scheduling your tasks on a Calendar (using Google Calendar) is an extremely useful resource that I found helpful. I like having a to-do list so I know what needs to get done throughout the week. The fact that Google Calendar has this feature along with a scheduling component helps me break down my days, weeks, and even months so I have a strong grasp on what each day will be like. Here’s the link below to Google Calendar if anyone wants to try this resource:

Google Calendar

I strongly advice using this or something similar! Our lives are very busy so we need to be able to keep up with it. After this module, I also got to observe my daily habits for a week through Time Tracking on the Google Spreadsheet. I learned that I watch a little too much TV, but that my schoolwork to personal/leisure time was what I wanted it to be! Everyone needs their relaxation time, but too much of that obviously isn’t the best thing, especially for college students; our schedules are crazy! I saw that I spent about twice as much time doing schoolwork than I did on personal/leisure time which I think is a good balance, and the best part is I felt very relaxed throughout the week! If you want to get a feel for how you spend your time I recommend this technique as well.

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