Communicating and Collaborating- Module 2

In this module, the most important thing I learned regards Netiquette. Here is a video from Module 2 that explains the concept:

Basically, this concept refers to how we express ourselves through the means of the Internet. I feel this is very important, especially for young adults/college students. We, the younger generation, are very active on all types of social media, and expressing ourselves through those means are common and it is a great way to “peak” into other’s life. Not all of it is 100% accurate, but for the most part, social media tends to reflect on the happy and positive aspects of someone’s life. The Internet is a tricky place, and one wrong post can leave a permanent digital footprint; it will always be there somewhere. Nowadays, how other see you is very critical, especially for young college students looking for jobs to lead into a successful career; therefore, how you are perceived through social media (etc.) on the internet is very crucial. My advice is making sure you go through a long-term thought process: make sure you ask yourself if the thing you are posting on the social media will affect you negatively in the future. If it will, then it’s probably not the best idea to post it. Media representation matters, and your future employers will definitely look to see what relates to you on the media.

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