Information for poster presenters

The venue is equipped for digital posters. The monitors for poster display are 55 inches with a 1920X1080 resolution. The monitors allow for interactive display, so feel free to be creative with your poster design. Please contact the organizing committee with any questions regarding posters.​


Saturday, July 22nd

Jacobs Science Building (JSB) Room 121

8:00-8:30 registration and coffee available

8:30-8:45 welcome + goals of the workshop (Andrea Sims + Adam Ussishkin)


Laurie Feldman (University at Albany, SUNY & Haskins Laboratories): “Challenges to form-based decompositions: An account of early morphological processing

Jeremy Needle (Northwestern University), Janet Pierrehumbert (University of Oxford) and Jen Hay (University of Canterbury): “Shallow morphological processing in pseudowords

10:15-10:30 coffee


Samantha Wray (New York University Abu Dhabi) and Adam Ussishkin (University of Arizona): “Binyanim productivity effects on morphological processing in Maltese auditory word recognition

Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara (University of California, Santa Cruz): “An auditory masked priming study of nasal substitution in Cebuano

12:00-1:00 lunch provided, in JSB atrium (lunch ticket required)


Géraldine Walther (Universität Zürich): “Form contrasts and cognition: A discriminative perspective

Alexis Dimitriadis (Utrecht University), Natalie Boll-Avetisyan (University of Potsdam), and Tom Fritzsche (University of Potsdam): “An experimental study of the learnability advantage of agglutinative over fusional morphology

2:30 – 2:40 coffee

2:40-4:00  posters (in JSB 108 and JSB 114)

Shiloh Drake (University of Arizona): “L1 biases in learning root-and-pattern morphology

Hyun Jin Hwangbo (University of Delaware): “Mental representations of allomorphy and their learnability

Krzysztof Hwaszcz (University of Wrocław): “The morphological organization of Polish compound words: Evidence from masked semantic priming

Nick Kloehn (University of Arizona): “Using cumulative root frequency to predict affix productivity in Swahili

Hernan Labbe Grunberg (ACLC – University of Amsterdam): “Mismatch negativity: An early ERP response to study lexical processing and decomposition

Jeremy Needle (Northwestern University) and Janet Pierrehumbert (University of Oxford): “Gendered associations of English morphology

Shira Tal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Inbal Arnon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “Pre-Lexical processing of the passive voice in Hebrew

Zhaohong Wu (University of Pittsburgh) and Alan Juffs (University of Pittsburgh): “Second language processing of English derived words: Effects of differences in L1 typology, morphology


Sara Finley (Pacific Lutheran University): “Artificial grammar learning of complex morphological categories

Laura Gonnerman (McGill University): Discussion paper “What makes morphological structure cognitively compelling? Insights from adult processing and development”

Sunday, July 23rd  

JSB 121

8:30- 9:00 coffee and tea available


Jeff Parker (Brigham Young University), Rob Reynolds (Brigham Young University) and Andrea Sims (Ohio State University): “Network properties of inflection class systems: Why some classes contribute more complexity than others

Eric Meinhardt (University of California, San Diego), Rob Malouf (San Diego State University) and Farrell Ackerman (University of California, San Diego): “Morphology gets more and more complex, unless it can’t”

10:30-10:45 coffee


Greville Corbett (University of Surrey): “Pluralia tantum, plural dominant …: A typology of non-canonical number properties

Gregory Stump (University of Kentucky): “The significance of ‘potentiation’ for morphological theory

12:15-1:45 lunch provided, in JSB atrium (lunch ticket required)


Gabriela Caballero (University of California, San Diego) and Vsevolod Kapatsinski (University of Oregon): “How agglutinative? Searching for cues to meaning in Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) using an amorphous model

Adam King (University of Arizona): “The effect of word informativity on word shape

3:15-3:30 coffee


Amy LaCross (Arizona State University), Julie Liss, Megan McAuliffe, Beatriz Barragan, and Visar Berisha: “The effects of typological variation and probability on segmentation errors of disordered Spanish and Mandarin speech

Rob Malouf (San Diego State University): Discussion paper “Morphology as a complex adaptive system”


Short break out sessions and wrap up (led by Jeff Parker + Samantha Wray)