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BONUS: Roundtable discussion on summer fieldwork experiences across disciplines

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The Migration and Global Mediterranean Forum is an interdisciplinary graduate student-led and founded organization, which aims to create an inspiring and productive interdisciplinary environment for a range of migration and global mediterranean studies scholarship at The Ohio State University.

In its newly merged format, the Migration and Global Mediterranean Forum (MGMF) combines the interests of the formerly separate graduate student-led and founded MSWG and GMWG. Under our new leadership, we continue to use our resources and expertise to provide an interconnected forum for migration and global mediterranean studies scholarship on Ohio State’s campus. We seek to provide students, staff, practitioners and faculty with an open and welcoming intellectual space to discuss ideas, concepts, experiences, to exchange methodology and knowledge, and to foster a practice of continuous and reciprocal exchange of educational and teaching resources across disciplines and interests. We continue to welcome conversations and projects of interdisciplinary nature and geographically different contexts. We strive for an inclusive approach to methodology, (research) practice and theory that connects the unique experiences of researchers and practitioners with various research settings, questions and framework across campus and Columbus more broadly. We look forward to welcoming you into our community and see you at our upcoming reading, discussion and performance events.