Many of the forms needed during your time in the program will be found through Grad Forms. This includes course petitions, your application to graduate, and enrollment forms. Should you need assistance with scheduling, change of credit hours, or withdrawing, please contact the MSW Program Office and we will direct you to your next step.

Leave of Absence Form: This form should be used if a student is interested in taking some time off from the program. Please note: approval from the MSW Program Director is required and students have 6 years from the time they begin the program to complete their MSW.

Course Enrollment: This form should be used to add, drop, or audit courses prior to the petition period.

Transfer of Graduate Credit Step-by-Step Instructions Form: Graduate students have the ability to transfer credit earned at OSU and another institutions provided that they attended as a graduate student and the courses completed were at the graduate level. There are two common scenarios in which transfer credit could be awarded:

  1. Incoming Ph. D. students who are transferring their master’s degree (30 hours) and
  2. Current Master’s students who have matriculated and completed work at another institution either prior to, or during their program