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Students will be assigned faculty advisors at the beginning of the term. Faculty advisors tend to answer questions regarding research or careers in social work. Any questions about the curriculum or scheduling will come to the MSW Program Office Academic Counselors: Brenda Davidson or Brittany Ward.

We strongly encourage all students to complete a Course Planning Worksheet during their first semester.  This helps us to know your preferences so we may plan for course enrollment, but of greater importance, it gives you a planned schedule for completing your MSW program.  This plan will guide you in the actual courses you will take throughout your program.  This is a useful tool for future planning.  You may contact Brenda Davidson via email at or phone at 614-292-7684 or Brittany Ward via email at or phone at 614-688-1487 between the hours 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

To view the Advanced Standing Alternative Plan (ASAP) Timelines:

Advanced Standing One-Year

Advanced Standing Two-Year

View a list of tentative courses:  Spring 2018, Summer 2018 and the 16-17 academic year.

View a list of course descriptions:  MSW Course Descriptions.

* denotes Online Cohort course option

Foundational Courses (4 hours):

SWK 7400*: Evidence in Social Work Practice

SWK 7500*:Professional Development

Area of Emphasis (6 hours):

Students must select an area of emphasis and complete both integrated seminars for that area of emphasis. Please plan carefully as not all seminars are offered each semester.

Aging and Health: SWK 7610 & SWK 7611

Mental Health and Substance Abuse: SWK 7620* & SWK 7621*

Children and Youth Services: SWK 7630* & SWK 7631*

Community and Social Justice: SWK 7640 & SWK 7641

Advanced Practice Method Courses (12 hours):

Students must take 12 credit hours of Advanced Practice Methods courses with at least one course from the micro-level group and one course from the macro-level group. Please plan carefully as not all advanced practice method courses are offered each semester.


SWK 7510* – Strengths-based Clinical SW with Individual Adults

SWK 7511 – Clinical SW with Children & Adolescents

SWK 7512* – Clinical SW Practice with Couples & Families

SWK 7513 – Clinical SW with Groups

SWK 7514 – Behavioral Methods in Social Work

SWK 7515* – Crisis Intervention & Trauma Treatment

SWK 7516* – Assessment & Diagnosis in Social Work Practice

SWK 7517 – Social Work Practice in Schools

SWK 7518 – Advanced Case Management

SWK 7519* –Motivational Interviewing

SWK 7520* – Pharmacotherapy in Social Work

SWK 7521* – Evidence-based Substance Abuse Treatment

SWK 7523 – Clinical Social Work Practice with Older Adults


SWK 7530* – Needs Assessment & Program Design

SWK 7531 – Resource Acquisition for Human Service Organizations

SWK 7532* – Supervision and Human Resource Management

SWK 7533 – Financial Management

SWK 7534 – Prevention Strategies in Practice

SWK 7550 – Community Practice & Development

SWK 7551 – Strategic Planning for Organizational & Community Change

SWK 7570 – Policy Analysis & Social Legislation Processes

Evaluation Project (6 hours):

A two-semester sequence that focuses on practice or program evaluation.  The first semester teaches you how to evaluate client or programmatic outcomes and finishes with students developing a proposal for conducting an evaluation as part of their field education requirement.  During the second semester, students will implement their proposed projects and submit a final report on the evaluation outcomes at the end of the second semester.  Students choose to focus on either practice evaluation using single-case designs to evaluate treatment outcomes with individuals, couples, families, or small groups or program evaluation group designs that evaluate the outcomes of programs.

SWK 7401*– Evaluating Social Work Practice

SWK 7402*– Applied Practice Evaluation

Field Education (8 hours):

Students must complete a total of 672 hours of field education with a total of 8 credit hours. When registering for SWK 7189, the number of credit hours defaults to 1 hour. When registering, select the drop down menu by credit hours and change the number of units from 1 to match the number necessary from your Course Planning Worksheet. Click image below to enlarge example.

SWK 7189*- Advanced Field Education


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