Mount Hall Kitchen Cleaning Signup

No one likes a nasty fridge and in the spirit of volunteerism we have implemented a weekly kitchen cleaning schedule for each floor in Mount Hall.

Each week two volunteers on each floor will clean the fridge and surrounding space for their kitchen(ette). Our signup sheet is organized by floor area to divide the work more evenly. This means if your desk number is 150-16 you would look to sign up on any weeks labeled 150 on the floor one volunteer column.

Sign up for a shift on our lovely excel sheet.

We ask that all Mount Hall residents sign up for a slot sometime this year (space permitting). We all have a part to play in keeping the building clean.

If it isn’t your week to clean out the fridge we ask that you help out and abide by these guidelines:

Fridge Guidelines:

  • If you plan on keeping food in the fridge after 3 p.m. on Friday, you must write your name/expiration date on food.
    • If you are keeping your lunch in the fridge you won’t need to worry about this so long as you remove all of your items before 3 p.m. Friday. No need to label things daily unless you are attempting to leave it over the weekend.
  • Any expired or unmarked items will be thrown away after 3 p.m. Friday.
  • Empty containers/bags will be left on counter to be retrieved by EOD Friday.
  • Cleaning sign-up sheet is divided by floor area and will be posted on fridge on each floor.
    • Volunteer names will be highlighted during their week and subsequently crossed out.
    • Cleaning directions will also be posted near the fridge .

Clean Up Plan:

Who: 2 volunteers on each floor will clean the fridge.

When: 3 to 5 p.m. Friday


  • Throw away expired or unmarked items.
  • Place empty containers/lunch bags beside the fridge for retrieval by EOD Friday.
  • Clean shelves & outside of fridge
  • wipe down counters (and microwaves on garden level).

Coffee Maker Nutrition and Allergen Information

The following are allergen and nutrition facts pertaining to the Mount Hall ground floor coffee makers. Should you have additional questions or concerns please contact

Calorie information:

nutritional info-pfky7s

Van Houtte whole bean coffee

Gluten –regular coffee and flavored coffee

our pure roasted coffee (whole bean or ground) is gluten free, this includes the coffee found in K-Cups.  

On the other hand, the situation with our flavored coffees is not so clear. The flavour houses we do business with must declare the possible presence of gluten or other allergens in their plants and production lines. Our flavor suppliers do not have gluten-free certified facilities so they have the responsibility of warning against traces of gluten. This being said, none of our coffees, flavored or not, contain gluten as an ingredient.

Flavored coffee

The manufacturers of all the flavourings we use have issued allergen statements according to which the products do not contain nuts. Our facility is not certified ‘Nut-free’, but no ingredient containing nuts is used in any recipe, coffee or tea, that we prepare and package.

Blue Estates Whole Bean Coffee

All products manufactured at S&D are non-allergen containing.

Nature’s First  Milk Topping





Swiss Miss Vending Cocoa







Product Label information for Vanilla Hazelnut flavoring:

Water, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors, glycerin


Product Label information for Irish Crème flavoring:

Water, propylene glycol, natural alcoholic extracts, natural and artificial flavors


Product Label information for French Vanilla flavoring:

Water, propylene glycol, alcohol, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color


Fancy Coffee Maker Waste Disposal

You may have noticed the occasional ‘error’ message on our new ground floor coffee makers. This doesn’t mean that it is broken, but it does mean that the used grounds need to be disposed of. Instructions on emptying the grounds can be found on the coffee maker and linked below. Questions? email Aaron Pickering.



Lactation Room Use

Q: Is the lactation room an alternate privacy room?

A: No. Our Mount Hall lactation room must be booked on Outlook, and is exclusively for lactation purposes. Just like you wouldn’t squat in a meeting room to take calls, the lactation room is solely a bookable space for those in need. We ask that you be courteous and only use the room if you have booked it for the intended purpose.

For parties who do need it, the lactation room is located on the ground floor in room 018A, and labeled ‘Lactation Room’. The space features a small fridge, sink, chair and clock. Requests for booking permission can be made to Aaron Pickering.

Are you in need of a ground floor privacy room? Room 022A is located on the opposite side of the kitchen and is available for short uses. This space is not bookable, but if it is full, privacy rooms are also located on floors one and two. For a full map of privacy rooms around Mount, take a look at our interactive map.

Espresso Machine Installed

Our super fancy new espresso/coffee drink machines are now installed and functional in the Cafe on the Garden level. There are a variety of drinks to try out, but remember to put a cup down (it won’t provide one).

If you have any issues please email Aaron Pickering.46. If your issue is ‘there are too many options’ don’t email Aaron, keep that to yourself.

We have found a handy sheet explaining the offerings if you want to delve deeper into your caffeinated (and non) options.

Faxing at Mount Hall

Looking to fax in Mount? Check out our handy guidelines and please let us know if you have questions in the comments.

Loading Original Documents

Faxing tasks begin with loading the original document in the printer. Use the document glass for single page jobs or for originals that will not feed through the document feeder. Use the document feeder for multiple or single page jobs.

Document Glass Scanner

Lift the document feeder cover and place the original facedown, toward the back-left corner of the document glass as shown.


Document Feeder

Insert originals faceup. Adjust the paper guides so they fit against the originals.

document feeder

Sending a Fax

To send a fax using the printer’s Embedded Fax:

  1. Load the original on the document glass or in the document feeder.
  2. On the control panel, press Services Home.
  3. Touch Fax.
  4. To manually enter the recipient fax number do one of the following:
  • Enter the fax number using the alphanumeric keypad, then touch Add.
  • Touch New Recipients, enter the number using the touch screen keyboard, touch Add, then touch Close.
  1. To use a number previously stored in the Address Book:
  • Touch Address Book.
  • Touch List all public entries or List all group entries from the drop-down list.
  • Touch the arrows to scroll through the list.
  • Touch the desired address.
  • Touch Add, then touch Close.
  1. To include a cover page:
  • Touch Cover Page, then touch Print Cover Page.
  • To add a previously created comment, touch Comments to add
  • Touch Save.
  1. Adjust fax options if required.
  2. Press the green Start button. The printer scans the pages and transmits the document.


Instructions for Freight Elevator

Currently our main elevator in Mount Hall is down. Until this is resolved, if you are in need of an elevator please take the freight elevator located on the southwest side of the building.
We have outlined the steps to get to the cafe from the first or second floors via the freight elevator.
1) If you encounter an out of order sign on the elevator:
2) Turn to your right(west)
3) Go to the stairwell *must have keycard*
4) Call the freight elevator
5) Push B for Brunch Floor
6) Don’t get out on the Garden Level unless you have access to walk through the security area.
7) Press the Rear Door Open button
8) The door behind you slides open
9) Push the door open
10) See the double doors to the loading dock
11) Exit the building using those doors
12) Stay on the loading dock concrete, turn right to the exterior door to the garden level
13) Swipe your card and enter the building
14) Turn right to the garden level floor door
15) Go down the hall
16) go through the double doors
17) Enter the café.
If you have any questions please contact Aaron Pickering or Kevin Balogh.

New: Mount Hall Interactive Map

Looking for someone in Mount Hall can be an adventure, especially if you only know their name. To help remedy this, we introduce the Mount Hall interactive map.

You can search for people or conference rooms on the map of Mount. Please contact with any corrections or additions.


Yoga at Mount

Now forming: Weekly group yoga classes.

Kathy Braidic and Aaron Pickering are organizing a weekly group yoga class to be held in rooms 030A/030B on Tuesday’s from 4:30-5:30pm beginning Feb. 28th.  This will be facilitated by Kathy who is a member of the Yoga Collective, which is taught by online yoga instructors.

It is open to everyone in the building and to participate, they simply need to fill out the attached waiver form and return to Kathy’s attention by February 28. Please place the printed, complete form in Kathy’s mailbox in Mount.

State of Ohio Waiver Form-1dv1i7w


Blood Drive Near Mount

Information from our west campus community:

Blood donations are being distributed by the Red Cross to hospitals as fast as they are coming in. Please help stock the Red Cross’ shelves by donating blood on at the Research Administration Building. All donors will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card Code after the drive and will be entered to win a $2,000 Kroger Gift Card.

Friday, February 10
Research Administration Building
1960 Kenny Rd

10 a.m. -4  p.m.
If you donated on or before Dec 16 you may be eligible to donate at this drive.

To schedule an appointment visit: search buckeyes or email John

If you have questions regarding your eligibility to donate, follow this link:

Additionally, here are some tips for a successful donation: