Year in Review

My first year at college has taught me a lot about who I am as a person and what I need in order to succeed. Starting off the year I did not have the skills that I needed in order to properly manage my time wisely. This was reflected from me struggling in my classes and not thinking that I was doing well. However, as the year progressed I began to learn from my mistakes and became better at managing my time. In addition to this, the past year has taught me that I no longer have a passion for the sciences like I used to. I always saw myself as someone who would go into a science field, however, after taking multiple sciences classes I learned that is not what I want to do anymore. My freshman year has taught me that I want to do something that is related to business. My first year at The Ohio State University has changed me as a person, but it was for the better. I was very happy with the friends that I made and the ways I learned from my mistakes to help me do better in my classes. Lastly, this first year has taught me that college goes by very quickly and you need to make the most of it and manage your time wisely so you do not have to feel that you wasted what you were given.

My second year at college has allowed me to continue my development as a college student and adult. I was able to transfer successfully into the Fisher College of Business as I no longer pursue the medical route. As I did not initially have the GPA to transfer I took the first semester to raise my GPA to make sure that I can get into the Marketing major. This allowed me to get myself on the appropriate academic path where I can be most successful. Instead of having to just take general education classes I can now take the business core requirement classes. Additionally, during my second year, I learned a lot about myself such as I have a passion for art. However, not only do I enjoy art I have also learned that I enjoy the topic of economics and even want to have economics as a minor. Furthermore, during this year I have learned that I may also have a passion for business analytics and may have a double minor. This year has allowed me to grow as a college student as I learned my interests but also helped me as an adult as I have better practiced my time management skills.



Diversity and global awareness are important aspects of becoming a well-rounded student and future professional. In order to gain a better understanding of diversity, I have opened myself up to experiencing new cultures and learning about them. One way in which I have worked on diversity and global awareness was volunteering in the Dominican Republic for a week over spring break. This was a great way to become more globally aware because I got to experience and see first hand the difference in the cultures and the ideas that I can learn from them for the best. Additionally, I have taken classes at The Ohio State University that has taught me much about different cultures and their history. In Art History I learned about historical events that influenced their culture and therefore their art. These are some of the ways in which I have gained a better understanding of diversity and global awareness.


When coming into college, I thought that I had my life figured out and that I would be able to follow a straight path to my future career. However, my first year in college has taught me that I need to keep an open mind of what I can do. When I discussed my major change to business, with a business major, I learned that there is a different sort of skill set needed in order to succeed. I learned that there is a lot of research and math in business. My interview also taught me that it is not a problem to be in a business major and a health scholars group as I can still learn a lot from both the business classes and the health-oriented scholars group.


Service is an aspect of college that passes many people by. People do not think of the impact that they are having on other people’s lives and also on their own. In my service during college, I have done a wide range of activities to help people. These range from helping out on a farm to helping individuals get food to even playing dodgeball to help raise money for the less fortunate. The service that I have done has helped me grow as a person as I can empathize for what struggles people have to go through on a day-to-day basis. Working on the farm and helping clean it up allowed me to see the physical labor that goes into growing food and making sure that it is clean and healthy. The service that I have done to help people get food that they need to teach me to not take any food for granted as there are many people around the world that are truly starving and in need of food, so I should not only be grateful for what I have but to also make sure that I can help people get the sustenance they need. Lastly, when I helped raise money I learned that there are different ways to serve, even if that is furthering the service done by either someone else or an organization.



Sean Moss

120 W 11th Ave — Columbus, OH 43210 — Phone: 216-209-1789 — E-Mail:


The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Science, Major in Neuroscience

Columbus, OH

Graduation: May, 2021

Cumulative GPA: ,MCAT:

Relevant Coursework


·     General Chemistry

·     General Biology

·     Behavioral Psychology

·     Intro to Psychology

·     General Physics

·     Organic Chemistry

·     Molecular Neuroscience

·     (Other courses)


Volunteer and Leadership Experience

Save A Child’s Heart                                                                                                               September 2017 – Present

  • Volunteer to raise money for children with heart disease
  • Volunteered in Tel Aviv, Israel for two weeks, helping both children and families.

Volunteer at Cleveland Clinic                                                                                                      Summer 2015-present

  • Volunteer at the front desk to help patients.
  • Work with doctors to help them with what they need.
  • Assisting with paperwork in various departments around the hospital.

Global Public Service Academies                                                                                                         December 2015

  • Completed technical training on the diagnostics for hypertension, diabetes, dehydration,

Malnutrition and infant wellness

  • Had daily direct patient interaction testing glucose levels, blood pressure and infant weight
  • Lived with a host family and studied the language and culture of the Yucatec Mayans while helping provide medical care to the people of the city.





  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications
  • Can speak Spanish at an intermediate level.
  • Strong interpersonal communication, including in a healthcare setting
  • (Possible DICE training)

About Me

I am a freshman attending The Ohio State University in the Health Sciences Scholars program. I am  now pursuing a major in the neuroscience program. I am interested in the healthcare field in not only the United States but also in other countries. During High School I traveled to Belize and lived there for 2 weeks as I helped provide healthcare to the people of the community. I want to go to medical school to later become a neurosurgeon. I have been able to observe a brain surgery and have had a continued interest in that field.