Columbus Adventure with Peer Leader Group

For my peer leader group’s Columbus Adventure, we went to Chop Shop on High Street. Although it is not very far into Columbus, we had a very hard time finding a time that would work for everyone, limiting us to a very limited time slot. Since we had the trouble of a time constriction and none of us had ever been to Chop Shop, it seemed like a great place to choose. We went at 5 pm so it wasn’t very crowded which allowed us to enjoy the experience with each other without distractions. The Olympics were on and we talked a lot about them and watched some events while we were there. Going into the experience, I was apprehensive because I am the only female in the group so I didn’t know how the group dynamic would be. At first it was a little awkward and we didn’t know what to talk about, but we initiated conversation about classes and took it from there. I don’t talk with anyone in my group on a regular basis, so it was nice to talk to different people than usual. I learned that even though I don’t have much in common with anybody in the group, we still have good conversation and connect well with one another. I would recommend Chop Shop to friends because the food is delicious, not too expensive, and the atmosphere is terrific. Chop Shop is a perfect place for college students looking for food off campus!


For the Columbus to-do list assignment, I decided to pick the food favorites category along with the ice cream and desserts category. I am most looking forward to trying different foods available in Columbus that aren’t available elsewhere. While completing this assignment, I hope to be able to walk around Columbus while I am going to the various restaurants and explore different areas to see what is around campus to do when I have free time, hopefully along with people who I can have a great time with and want to explore the city as much as I do.

(This is my sister not me)

8/28/17- For my first restaurant, I went to Eden Burger with my sister and her boyfriend. My sister is vegan, so when she came to visit she really wanted to eat at Eden Burger. At first, I was apprehensive about the plant based burgers. However, when they came out they looked amazing and I was excited to try it. The burgers tasted delicious, and the texture was pretty similar to a normal burger compared to other plant-based burgers I’ve had before. We also got a couple shakes that tasted amazing. Overall, I had a very good experience at Eden Burger and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, not only plant based eaters.

10/8/17- For my second restaurant, I went to Stack City with others from my floor also in Humanitarian Engineering Scholars. It was fun exploring the city with a big group of friends, even though it was raining all day. We had all heard really good reviews from people we know about Stack City, so it seemed like a good choice for our Columbus to-do list experience. The food there was delicious, and I had a good time relaxing with friends away from campus (and not doing homework). I would highly recommend Stack City to people, especially if they are looking for a nice restaurant with excellent staff and great food.

10/8/17- While we were still walking around Columbus after dinner, we came across Jeni’s Ice Cream and decided to stop there for dessert. After having Jeni’s during our explore Columbus event, we were all eager to try it again. The multitude of options of flavors at Jeni’s makes a tough decision on which flavor to get, especially since all of them I’ve tried have been really good. After we all got our ice cream, we ate inside the store. The atmosphere is really fun, and the decorations are adorable. Overall, the whole experience was really fun and I would recommend Jeni’s to anyone looking for good ice cream with lots of creative and delicious flavors.


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This picture is from the musical at my high school my Junior Year. I have performed since I was 3, starting with ballet and moving to musicals starting in 5th grade. I have met some of my closest friends through musicals, mostly because there is such a large time commitment. For musicals in High School, we were required to be there for 3 to 4 hours 4 times per week; so the cast became more of a family. Theater has shaped me as a person to become more outgoing, more well rounded, and helped me make friends with people I wouldn’t normally talk to.

This picture was taken after my intramural soccer team’s first game. We created a team for fun, but the whole team has been getting really into it which has made it really fun and we are planning on being a team all four years of college. I have played soccer since I was three, so it has made a huge impact on my life. I can’t imagine my life without soccer, so I’m really glad we created an intramural team which has helped me get back into the game after I couldn’t play during the spring of my senior year. This team is comprised mostly of people from our floor (which is HES students), so it has also helped me to become closer with the scholars group.

About Me

My name is McKenna Morrissey and I’m from Oakwood, Ohio. In high school I was involved in multiple clubs including Oakwood Giving, a service club; Student Council, where I was the class Secretary; Femineering, an engineering club for females in grades 7-12; and Drama club, where I performed in all of the high school musicals. I was also involved in sports; I played soccer, ran track, and was a cheerleader. Besides school activities, I volunteered at my church every week as an assistant teacher for religious education for kids in first and second grade. All of the activities I participated in helped me get to where I am now, however, Femineering was the most beneficial to me and helped me decide what career path I want to go into. When I was younger, I started to think I would like engineering when I visited my dad’s work one day. Then, once I got to seventh grade, I joined the Femineering club. I stayed in the club all throughout high school and became a leader of the group my junior year. The experiences and projects from Femineering and the engineering classes I took senior year combined with my fascination with the medical field helped me confirm that engineering is something I really enjoy and pushed me to major in Biomedical Engineering in college.


My top five strengths according to the CliftonStrengths Finder are restorative, achiever, learner, developer, and arranger.

Restorative- I most relate to the restorative strength because I am always striving to better myself in everything I do. Whenever I put my mind to doing something, I work on it until I know it is the best I can do and I won’t settle for anything less than my best.

Achiever- I most relate to the achiever strength because I investigate everything until I can prove or explain why it is true. Whenever I don’t do as well on something as I think I should have, I look at all the reasons I didn’t do as well  and try to learn from them so I can do better on the next thing I do.

Learner- I most relate to the learner strength because I get hooked on ideas, and can spend hours on a particular subject to learn and discover more. Also, if I start reading a book, oftentimes I will continue reading for hours with no concept of how long I have been reading, sometimes not stopping until I have finished the book.

Developer- I most relate to the developer strength because I often sacrifice my needs to help others. Also, I always try to see the good in people, even when they haven’t treated me the best in the past.

Arranger- I most relate to the arranger strength because I always want people to trust and depend on me, so I follow through on what I say I will do. Also, I strongly prefer working in groups as opposed to alone.

Year in Review

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