Year in Review

My first year of college was one of the most fulfilling times of my life. I came into college a little nervous and skeptical, but, after being surrounded by so many great people and doing so many great things, I have loved every moment of it. This first year has definitely been the most challenging year of school I have ever been through, but I would not change it for the world. College is not easy by any sense of the word but, with hard work and dedication anyone can succeed. It is important to budget time well and not to hold assignments off until the very last moment because it will not make for the best work and sleep is hard to come by so budgeting time well helps with that tremendously. I was not very involved my first semester in college in clubs, student orgs, etc. which I think is smart as it helps for acclimation into college, a big transition from high school. Overall, college is going to have its ups and downs with grades, friends, and whatever else, but despite the challenges and sleepless nights studying for exams, college is a wonderful place that allows you to meet lifetime friends, make lasting connections, and try new things that you never would have dreamed of before.


I engaged in a variety of events to obtain 10 hours of service in the first semester. Most of these opportunities were offered by the Health Sciences Scholars program. My two of my hours came from attending seminars such as the THIRST presentation and the Wexner Medical Center’s Dine with the department. THIRST talked about an initiative to supply clean drinking water to places the did not have it, and the Medical center outlined plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in the medical profession. I also attended the Garden of Hope trip where we stripped the garden of its remaining contents so it could be prepared for next year. Lastly, I completed some service for Buckeyes for a Cause handing out flyers that, if shown to chipotle, have the payment would be donated to charity. In the second semester I only attended one service event through HSS, the MLK day of service where we helped COSI clean many of their supplies. Lastly, I completed service taking care of children at Shepherd Church of the Nazarene during Sunday service. In my second year I completed community service with Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). The link to this my presentation on this experience can be found here: GRIN Volunteer Experience


Madison Morrison is a Bachelors of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences major and plans on continuing his education in Pharmacy School. Currently, Madison works for Giant Eagle Supermarket as a cashier, but he is eager to look for new, more career-oriented jobs in his time at the Ohio State University.

Resume: file:///C:/Users/Madison/Downloads/Resume%201%20Page%20Madison%20Morrison.762.pdf


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About Me

Madison Morrison is a first year undergraduate student in the BSPS major (Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmeceutical Sciences). Along with being a Health Sciences Scholar Madison is part of the Early Action Pharmacy Program and the Morrill Scholars program. In the future he hopes to complete his BSPS undergrad and study Pharmacology at the OSU College of Pharmacy. When Madison is not doing school work he enjoys visiting his family since they live in close proximity to Columbus. He also likes to play soccer recreationally and go fishing from time to time. Currently he has a job as a cashier at a grocery store but he plans to try to find a more major-oriented job on campus.