Welcome to Moritz’s Externship Program

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one-on-one coaching by experienced faculty, what are you waiting for? 

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  • To mentor, guide, and support Moritz students in developing and improving lawyering skills and forming professional identity.
  • To build and maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships with externship sites, collectively working for the greater good.

Learning Objectives

Increase knowledge of the skills necessary to effectively perform legal work
Develop a deeper understanding of substantive law and legal issues
Enhance understanding of ethics and professional identity
Develop productive working relationships and explore career options
Engage in critical self-reflection to promote self-directed, lifelong learning
Improve lawyering skills such as research, writing, analysis, and oral advocacy

The Basics

  • Credit Hours
    • Autumn & Spring Semesters: 3 credit hours
    • Summer: 2 or 4 credit hours
  • Externship Hours
    • 45 externship hours = 1 credit hour
  •  Coursework
    • Autonomous format allows students to select assignments consistent with individualized learning goals and overall schedule
    • Faculty provide individualized feedback on a timely basis for continued improvement throughout the externship experience
  • Site Requirements
    • Eligibility governed by the ABA’s Standards for Approval of Law Schools (Standard 304)
    • Site must provide students with substantial lawyering experience under the supervision of a licensed attorney, involving multiple opportunities for performance, feedback, and self-evaluation