Year in Review

I came into college excited for my future and not knowing exactly where I would end up. I did not realize how many opportunities I would have at Ohio State, especially as a freshman. I was and still am a STEM Education major with a focus in Mathematics and thought that I would want to work in a rural school district for sure.

However, after being here for a couple months I realized that I had so many opportunities to get involved and personally better myself. I got to spend 75 hours in Columbus City Schools this Spring and struggled with it at first because it was nothing like what I had ever experienced. I thought that maybe teaching was not for me because there were situations that I did not know how to handle. However, after being there for a few weeks I started to build relationships with my students and learned about their home lives. Now I get excited to wake up and go see my students in the mornings. I know that I can make a difference in their lives and it truly is one of the best feelings. I am now open to teaching in any type of school district and cannot wait for my future as a teacher.

Overall, I have learned to take advantage of the opportunities I have here. I joined a professional education fraternity, Kappa Phi Kappa. This has helped me meet administrators from many school districts and I get to participate in different training sessions. I also am part of STEM EE Scholars Leadership Council which has help me gain leadership and communication skills. If an opportunity is given to me I know that I should take it. Getting involved on campus has helped me make great friends and have valuable experiences. I have learned a lot and had a really good first year at The Ohio State University.