Capstone Update One

Working on this project has taught me a lot about teaching and learning. I have also learned a lot about creating videos and the resources available to help with that. The room we are able to record in has a lot to offer us and has made recording our videos much better. When we record our videos we record for over an hour because we often repeat things multiple times. This gives us the option to choose which wording works the best and helps to make sure we are communicating as effectively as possible. One problem we have had is that this is too long to record without stopping. The first video we recorded only captured fifteen minutes of our hour long recording and we had to redo the whole thing. We have learned to split the video up into sections to record and then put it together when we edit.

We have recorded our first two videos and plan on editing them completely over winter break. Then we will watch and decide what we like and dislike and how we can improve for our last two videos. Another problem we have had is trying to decide the best way to test the effectiveness of these videos. This is something we are still trying to figure out. We would like to have someway to make sure they would truly help people who don’t understand the concepts we are trying to explain.

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