About Me

My name is Clayton Morgan.  I went to Riverside High School in Painesville, Ohio, in the eastern Cleveland area.  This naturally means I have grown up a Cleveland sports fan, which is very difficult.  I played lacrosse for three years in high school and was a team captain for two.  I have always been much better at math and sciences in school rather than the more creative subjects such as art or English.  My intended major currently biology on a pre-med track.  My career goal is to become a surgeon, however I have not decided on a specialty.

Year in Review

My senior year in high school was much different than what I have now as a freshman in college.  As a senior in high school I was volunteering at my l0cal hospital, TriPoint Medical Center.  I took on a leadership role in becoming a team captain for my school’s lacrosse team.  I graduated high school with an honor’s diploma with a 4.2 grade point average, all while balancing a part time job at my local Dairy Queen.  Now in college at The Ohio State University, I am volunteering at The James Cancer Hospital as a patient ambassador.  My full time job now is being a student.  I have joined two clubs, the Health Points Club and The Longboard Club.

I have now finished my second semester and my first full year of college.  I have had my fair share of ups and downs but I persevered and finished with overall good grades.  I have continued my participation in the longboard club and have began to play more intramural sports including flag football and volleyball.

With my remaining time at Ohio State I plan to go through with my goals.  I plan to find a research position on campus during my upcoming Junior year.  Additionally I am going to work to not only maintain my GPA but to also increase it as much as I can.  After finishing my sophomore year even with the circumstances regarding covid-19 I still was able to finish strong and remain involved the best I can virtually.  I look forward to taking advantage of every resource Ohio State offers for my final two years.


  • Global Awareness: I am currently enrolled in Sociology 1101, which has opened my eyes to the social issues that I have previously not been aware of.  I am greatly interested in studying abroad at some point in my college career to another English speaking country.
  • Original Inquiry: I plan on taking part in research on campus in the field of neuroscience.   I would like to research the idea of neuroplasticity and learn more about different neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Academic Enrichment: I am currently taking five classes in my college career with 15 credit hours but I plan on taking many more next semester to get the most of my tuition and attempt to double major or dual degree.
  • Leadership Development: In high school I was a team captain for my lacrosse team my junior and senior year.  This skill I have learned will help me out in the future with different leadership opportunities.
  • Service Engagement: I am volunteering for The James Cancer Hospital as a patient ambassador currently.


I have began volunteering at The James Cancer Hospital as a patient ambassador.  At this position I have to use my skills of being friendly and willing to help someone out at any given moment.  These skills will help me a lot in my future career as a physician. Majoring in biology will help me with getting into med school in order to become a physician later on in life.


Bio Sci Flag Football Team

The Biological Sciences Scholars flag football team plays other scholars communities in the game of flag football.  I am one of the only freshman on the team.  It is fun to play the other scholars since we are one of the best teams with the exception of Dunn Sports and Wellness.

Cadaver Lab Visit 9/21/18

As a scholars group we were offered the opportunity to visit a cadaver lab with two graduate level anatomy students.  We were shown many different organs such as a brain, spine, lungs and eyes.  There was a pair of smoker’s lungs and they were compared to a non-smoker’s lungs.  We were also shown a full cadaver, which at first was a little hard to see, especially since I had eaten breakfast only a few minutes beforehand.

Image result for anatomy

Men’s Soccer Game

This game was one of the first events of the year for the Bio Sci Scholars.  During this event I got to know many more people in my scholars community and was able to enjoy some OSU soccer also.

Health Points Club

I have been a member of the Health Points club since my first semester on campus, it is a great way to get involved on campus and get volunteering hours.

Volunteering at The James

During the Spring 2020 semester I held a position as a volunteer in the HTC (Hematology and Transplant Clinic) at the James.  It was a wonderful way to spend volunteer hours giving back to the community.