Columbus Adventure with Peer Leader Group

My peer leader group decided to go to a local favorite that only one of us have tried, The Chop Shop. From where I live, it is only about a 10 minute walk, which is great. The service there was fast and efficient, and the food was pretty good to. I ordered the infamous Chop Burger and Fries for my first time. The burger did not disappoint, and there were plenty of fries as well.  This quick meal was very much needed after a hard day of quizzes and midterms. There were plenty of TV’s with sports on that ranged from the Winter Olympics to High School Basketball, and the place was buzzing with people. From this experience, I learned a little bit more about what food options I have close to home. I also learned a bit more about my peers as we chatted over burgers and sports. I know that next time I need a quick meal and shake, the Chop Shop is a great option for a pretty decent price. I would definitely return and tell a friend to tag along just for the experience and the food. I feel like everyone should try it at least once as a student on campus.

Columbus To-Do List #2

For my second experience for this list, I chose to visit Da Levee in the Short North. The experience was pretty great. As soon as I opened the door, I could smell the jambalaya and chorizo. The place felt like home. I was greeted and served right away, and my server was awesome. He recommended I try the black bean maque choux and the gumbo with sausage ( both turned out to be delicious.) Since it was early, I also caught the afternoon rush, which was quite interesting. I could see the people who were seasoned veterans here order up on the spicy chicken and chicken creole. Some of the employee’s knew them by name. For such a small moment, it turned out to have a great impact on me. It showed me that hospitality and customer service was very important here. On that note, I would definitely recommend the food here. It left my wallet in serious pain, but it was worth it. Anyone who likes food with a decent amount of kick and lots of flavor will enjoy almost anything on the menu. I’ve already added Da Levee to the list of places that have won me over in Columbus, so I expect to visit more often as I continue my stay in Columbus.

Year in Review

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Columbus To-DO #1

The list I have decided to do for this semester is the Local Food Favorites list. I am a big food fan, so this was an easy choice for me. There was a lot of great food chains and restaurants in Chicago, so I’m hoping for the same or even better from Columbus. I am most looking forward to the different styles of food I will be trying and also the experiences. Getting to learn about how Ohio natives like their food and just getting to learn about the culture in Ohio is going to be great for me. Since I’ll be living here for the next 4 years at least, I have to feel at home, and there’s no place like home than a place that can fill my stomach.

I hope to get a genuine experience from the places I visit. I want to eat good food of course, but getting to learn about location and what it has to offer is even better than the food. With this assignment, I get to learn about some of my fellow HES members, build relationships within the city and HES, as well as find good places to eat outside of campus grounds.

The first location I chose to visit was Stack City Burger in the Short North district.













My experience here was fantastic. The picture actually shows the first time I visited the location during my orientation. I go to Stack City almost every week because I enjoy the atmosphere and the food so much. The food is affordable and the service is great. They really make you feel at home when you come through for anything. I highly recommend this location to anyone who needs a good burger and a great shake (the Buckeye is my go to.) They also have deals during the week to make it even better, whether it be for half off drinks or fries, or the entire meal. They have an outside patio area too, so if you want a change of scenery, it provides that as well. As the picture may tell, it is also kid friendly, and is located along the bus route from campus ( I think bus 2?, it’s the bus we took to go to the park and do the scavenger hunt.) Since I go here just about every week, I’m sure I’ll have a few friends tag along every once in a while too.


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This is the cap I decorated for my graduation day on June 2nd.  It symbolizes my journey of getting here to Ohio State. This school was my top choice since I was a sophomore in high school, and I told myself I would get here, and I did just that. The decorations were done by my sisters and nephew. The number 23 is my favorite number and also my football number. It has a lot of emotion and story behind it in itself, maybe for another time though. Being able to express my achieved goal and represent my school as one of two who had the opportunity to attend THE Ohio State University was a dream come true. I will always be grateful and humble to the university for accepting me.


Coming to Ohio State was big for me. One of my biggest passions is football. My life resolves around it as much as anything possibly can. My goal is to recover from my injury and play on the varsity football team. Being able to be so close to my goal and then have it taken away by injury was heartbreaking. Now, I use the practice field turf right outside of my dorm to sharpen my skills and stay in shape. I’m sure if you ever walk past the field during the evenings, you’ll see me out there running or doing drills. I am humble and thankful for the chance to have such a great resource in my disposal and less than a 5 minute walk from where I live. If everything turns out the way I want it to, I’ll be back home, on the field, playing for the greatest fans in the land.


About Me

Hello, I am James Morgan, whom many of you will come to know over my collegiate career. I am from Chicago, Illinois and plan to pursue a degree in computer science and engineering. I love sports, no matter what it is. You can typically find me watching or participating in any sport you can think of. I am also big on reading, sleeping, music, and expressing myself based on my beliefs. I play a lot of football and basketball. I’m big on Marvel comics and movies. I pride myself on being pretty optimistic to everyone’s views. I like to experience new things and somehow integrate that into everyday life. I also take joy in helping others in any way I can. If I see someone having a bad day, I approach them with a smile and ask about it. I have always believed that even the slightest bit of interest or belief in a person goes a long way to post their morale. This is why I enjoy helping people; so they know that someone somewhere is looking out for them, whether they know it or not.

As I learner, I am always up for it. I know I do not know everything, but I take pride in the things I do know, and embrace the challenge of expanding my knowledge. Learning to me is having the ability to grasp different concepts and perspectives on a certain topic and then coming with you own conclusion based on those different viewpoints. That is true insight. Learning new things leads to a better understanding of the world around us, and the many cultures that may bring us together.

My Top 5 Strengths are:






As an Achiever, I set high expectations for myself and push myself harder than my peers to get things done. My hard work and dedication drive me towards my goals. Being Strategic allows me to find multiple solutions to different problems. I look at things from different perspectives so I can share a factual insight on things. Having Input means I am concerned with facts and reality. I am more determined to be proficient in my interest field. I love to read books and build my vocabulary. Being Deliberate means that I like to be alone at times. I don’t disclose my personal information and have a few close relationships. I choose not to look for attention and affection. I am reserved by nature but I can be open to conversations. Being Restorative means I want to finish things assigned to me each day. I want to succeed and advance in my profession every time I can. I tend to identify certain things about myself that I need to do better.