Rubén Morgan Roselló

nacido el 1 de marzo de 1995

Terrell: Serán oficinas, ¿no?
Caleb: Sí.
Rubén: Sí.
Caleb: Tú no sabes, Rubén.
Rubén: Sí sabo.
Caleb: No se dice “sabo”.
Rubén: Sí sabo. (21.I.98)

¿Ves, Mamá? Sopita es sopa. (10.IX.98)

Así se hace. Se shake. (27.IX.98)

Esperanza: Creía que era un bicho.
Caleb: Yo también.
Rubén: Yo tampoco. (12.X.98)

I let my brother my dump truck for play he. (24.XII.98, to his English-speaking grandparents)

¿Quieres así de much? (2.I.99)

Computerized voice of electronic game: Press a button.
Rubén: Papá, press a button tú. (2.III.99)

Papá, ¿quieres ver mi hole? Mira. Uno, dos. Dos of ’ems. (9.III.99)

(Speaking to Caleb) Papá y tú te vas. (13.IV.99)

No sabía qué vuelta te fues. ‘I didn’t know which way you went.’ (24.IV.99)

Cuando yo sea estos manys (holding up 5 fingers), ¿puedo ir en un autobús así? (20.IV.99)

Pero Demonte broke dos of ’ems. I’m very mad to Demonte. (20.V.99)

¡Mira, papá, ésos hablan como nosotros! (29.VIII.99, having stumbled upon a TV report in which the people being interviewed were speaking Spanish)

Terrell: ¿Has jugado con Madelyn esta mañana?
Ruben: I played with him right now and I talked with him right now. And I played with him tomorrow.
Terrell: Ayer.
Ruben: Ayer. (31.VIII.99)

Yo voy en bici también . . . con you guyses. (31.VIII.99)

Papá, look how much I poned [pónd]. ‘Daddy, look how much I put in/on.’ (1.IX.99)

Cuando la mamá taked me a la escuela, he taked mi almohada. (2.IX.99)

Caleb, I ate más ice cream than you. (2.IX.99)

Pero no mis calcetines off porque la mamá me ha ponido new ones. (2.IX.99)

Mamá poned [pónd] like this much. ‘Mama put this much.’ (2.IX.99)

I’m going to pon [pón] a ball inside the bathtub. (4.IX.99)

He’s a old woman. (6.IX.99, referring to a woman)

How about José y Caleb y yo y tú vas a Caleb’s parada? ‘Why don’t Jose and Caleb and me and you go to Caleb’s bus stop?’ (7.IX.99)

Terrell: ¿Caleb le ha dado ese papel a Mrs. G.?
Ruben: Sí, he gave him it. (7.IX.99)

I said good-bye to Miss Melissa. His name is Miss Melissa. (7.IX.99)

Do you think que sí? I think que no. (7.IX.99)

Ruben: I want to talk to the grandpa, but I can’t ’cause Caleb is talking to her.
Terrell (holding back the laughter): ¿Con quién quieres hablar?
Ruben: I want to talk to the grandpa, but I can’t ’cause Caleb is talking to her.
(Terrell and Esperanza are obviously amused.)
Ruben (grinning, realizing his mistake): To HE, not to HER. Her is a girl. He is a boy! (15.IX.99)

You need a cuchillo for cortar it. (18.IX.99)

Ruben: When Mamá wakes up, we will tell him we was eating panqueques. When he wakes up.
Caleb: But she’s way too tired.
Ruben: Right now he’s way too tired. But when he wakes up… (18.IX.99)

Miss Amy’s the mom of Demonte. He’s (=Miss Amy) a teacher. (22.IX.99)

Ruben: He’s (=Miss Melissa’s) coming tomorrow.
Terrell: Oye, ¿Miss Melissa es un hombre o una mujer?
Ruben: Una mujer, ’cause he’s a girl. He’s a she.
Terrell: ¿Va a estar mañana en tu escuela?
Ruben: Sí, viene mañana, but sometimes he stays home. (27.IX.99)

Papá, do you know how you can spell ‘guantes’ in English? Glubs! (X.99)

¿Por qué Caleb tiene él’s ([élz]) abajo? Caleb tiene él’s abajo. ‘Why does Caleb have his (=his seat) down? Caleb has his down.’ (22.XI.99)

Ruben: I got it out all by myself!
Terrell: Di “Lo saqué yo solo.”
Ruben: ¡No, yo! 

You can open the present what I gave you. Mamá opened his, so you can open yours. (28.XI.99)

It’s starting to rain. Do you feel dots? (4.XII.99)

Mamá wanted to I share with Caleb. (27.XII.99–performance error?)

Terrell: Y este abrigo, ¿de quién será?
Ruben: Es mío, duh! 

It’s Mamá’s birthday, and we have to make something for him. (30.IV.00)

Press on my belly button if you want I to shot somebody. (30.IV.00)

That’s for I to not burn myself on my skin. (18.V.00, referring to sunscreen)

Hey, I think I know what letter starts with poop. P! Puh, puh, puh, P! Poop! P! (30.VI.00)

Do you want I to eat my last bean? (17.VIII.00)

snissue (’tissue’) (15.VI.00 & 17.VIII.00)

Jessica goes to a different class. He has a orange bus on his shirt. (31.VIII.00)

Where’s Mommy? Oh, yeah, he left. She left, I mean. (5.IX.00)

Papá, hold the bike for I to put my casco on. (5.IX.00)

I’m vestíringme, Papi. (7.IX.00, with flap /r/)

unrased (=erased) (7.IX.00)

Somebody hurt hisself. It was a girl. I forget his name. (14.IX.00)

Popeye the Sam-I-Am, Popeye the Sam-I-Am… (sung, 4.X.00)

Mamá’s silly. He thinks I(‘d) drop a light bulb. (31.X.00)

Papá, I could destroy this if you want I to. (25.X.00)

When the bell ringed, the kids left, that were being right there in a big pile. They left. (22.II.01)

Buttercup’s my favorite. You know why? He’s the toughest. (25.III.01, referring to the Power Puff Girls)

She’s my buddy. (17.V.01, referring to his buddy Brian at school)

…from her (=his) mom… (18.V.01, referring to his friend Jordan)

Terrell: Rubén, termina tu chocolate.
Ruben: I can’t. I’m vestíringme. 
(15.IX.01, with flap /r/)

He wants I to jump in the mud. (11.VIII.01)

If today were Christmas… (23.XII.02; the English subjunctive is alive and well, even in the mouths of seven-year-olds!)

When I say /fútbol/ like that–/fútbol/, with a u-ish part–I mean soccer.  (3.VIII.03, on the phone from Spain)

He can’t tell anybody about it–especially his dads (=padres) and stuff.  (1.I.05, referring to Timmy Turner on Fairly Oddparents)

Terrell: Rubén, ¿qué has decidido hacer?
Rubén: Voy con ustedes.  (28.VIII.07)


Some pronounciations at age three:


tataminafé =vitamina C
tatatines =calcetines 
Chachachís =Chuck E. Cheese
cayomberos =camión de bomberos
aigo =algo
Cayeb =Caleb
guiobo =globo
fiod =flor
nanís =nariz
me moyesta ya yuf =me molesta la luz
jay =hay