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I feel as if I have sat through many lectures through years of undergraduate courses, many CEU’s, diabetes symposiums and guest speakers at events. I can remember a few instructors that I thoroughly enjoyed in hygiene school but at this point in life I can not recall one that I would consider to be the best lecture I’ve ever attended.  And when I try to recall a CE course that I have taken, I can remember ones that I enjoyed but none that I would say was the most fantastic lecture. However, I can recall a diabetes educational course that I attended a few months after I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which would have been about 10 years ago. It was held at the University of Findlay in a large room and was attended by many physicians, endocrinologists, nurses, patients and family members with diabetes.  CE credit was offered to those who needed it. The speaker was past Miss America, Nicole Johnson. She discussed her life being a type 1 diabetic, her role as Miss America, her relationship with people after her diagnosis, her diabetic friendly cookbook and then lots of information about her diet, including nutrition recommendations and lifestyle changes. She had a power point presentation with little information on it, and gave a handout for everyone to follow. I remember that she did not stand behind a podium but walked throughout the meeting room and was extremely personable. What stands out the most to me was all of her personal experiences that she included, her exciting personality, her eye contact and her ability to share many different emotions. She cried with us and laughed and there was never a dull moment because everyone in the room was so interested in what she was going to share next

She had been traveling around sharing all of her information to thousands and I’m sure even if I went to every single of one of her lecture, I would continued to enjoy it. She was never boring and I don’t believe her presentation would ever become stagnant to the crowd. She made the crowd feel as if she was talking to each individual.  I would love to hear her lecture again because she was a quality speaker.

This assignment has made me wonder what I can do to become a better educator and provide memorable lectures to future students. I think its important to get confidence, share clinical or real life experiences, walk around more and really interact with the students more. The current didactic course that I teach in the fall semester is a 2 hour lecture based class.  The chapter reading has opened my eyes more that if I am lecturing all 2 hours, that the students are no way retaining everything that I have said. I cant expect them to not get bored or drift off after the first 30 minutes of class. I really hope that I can find ways to change the pace of the lecture material and interact with the students more. We do have the clickers at Owens and I have been encouraged to utilize them, however have not. There also are a few classrooms on campus that have smart-boards, and once again I have never tried to get one of those classrooms due to their location. However, I feel like I need to encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone and try things that are different than how I was taught to really engage the students and provide valuable lectures. Lectures can be so much more than just standing up front referring to the power point and I am hopeful to try to change that in my teaching.

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  1. Once again, I can’t wait to pick your brain! I am very impressed by the way you were able to open up and discuss your own personal diagnosis and how bettering yourself, but attending lectures and educational seminars has opened your eyes to how you not only want to better yourself, but also how you think about bettering yourself in the classroom. I bet these last two assignments has allowed you to think how you are as an educator during your seminar classwork. It wasn’t so long ago that we were those students falling asleep after the first 30 mins. of class, so I think its says a lot about yourself as a person and educator that you want to continue to make yourself better!

  2. I continue to enjoy reading your blog. I think that your example of the best lecture you remember speaks volumes. The lecture was not only personal to you and your diagnosis, it allowed you to take in and reflect upon a variety of aspects of Nicole’s speech and her ability to communicate with an audience. She was able to take a difficult subject and relate to each and every person. As you described the way Nicole walked around into the audience and looked into people’s eyes, I could tell that it was a moving experience and one I am sure you will never forget. Just the fact that you are able to self-reflect on your process of giving a lecture shows your compassion and desire to always strive to do the best you can. I admire your position and the amount of experience you are getting. It is very great to think that you can take what we learn and implement it right away in the real world! What a great way to go through this journey.

  3. Sounds like she used a lot of emotion and personal stories to connect with her audience. Sometimes dental hygiene lectures are not so easy- they may not contain such emotionally gripping content, or you may not be able to relate a personal story about the fabrication of whitening trays….I’m glad you are thinking about modifying your “lecture” style based on the readings. It’s hard to do but if you take it in baby steps it will be easier to ease in to the transformation of your courses.

  4. I feel lectures covering material that is relevant to ones personal interests are usually easier for the learner to maintain focus and interest during the lecture. The lecture was also given by a very influential female which is quite the experience to listen to Miss America give a lecture. I’m sure recently being diagnosed and listening to her lecture about her history with diabetes made you feel more connected to the lecture and allowed you to embrace all the emotions and enthusiasm she presented with. I think adding personal experiences into lectures helps you connect more with your audience and leads to a more effective lecture and increased student learning.

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