AAA 2018 panel honors Elinor Ochs

This year at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association I had the pleasure and privilege of participating in a panel in honor of my doctoral advisor, Elinor Ochs. The panel, ‘Experiencing Language: The Contributions of Elinor Ochs to Anthropology’, examined five areas in anthropology that have been inspired by Elinor’s’ work: ethnography of language acquisition across cultures (Amy Paugh), language socialization in educational contexts (Kathy Howard and me), language in ethnic and racial social contexts (Patricia Baquedano-López), autism and communication studies (Laura Sterponi and Wendy Klein), and family and ethics (Tamar Kremer-Sadlik). Bill Hanks and Judith Irvine were the chairs, and Elinor was the discussant.

One thought on “AAA 2018 panel honors Elinor Ochs

  1. This blog post celebrates the remarkable contributions of Elinor Ochs to the field of anthropology, as showcased in a panel at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. The diverse range of topics covered in the panel, from language acquisition to family dynamics and ethics, underscores Ochs’ profound influence on various areas of anthropological research. It’s heartening to see scholars come together to honor and explore the impact of Ochs’ pioneering work, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of her contributions and the enduring relevance of her insights in contemporary academia.

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