Linguist Ladies celebrate start of 2017

One of the things that make me really happy to be at OSU is the Linguist Ladies, an informal group of language researchers from departments all over campus who come together regularly to support and celebrate one another. In this photo several of us are toasting a decade of friendship, peer mentoring, and an ever expanding group of amazing women who study language.

Session at ASTE with Mandy McCormick Smith

With my co-author Mandy McCormick Smith, I will present the experiential session ‘Preparing early childhood educators to make science learning meaningful for dual language learners in preschool contexts’ at the 2017 Meeting of the Association for Science Teacher Education. Our session focuses on preparing early childhood educators to make science learning meaningful for preschool children who speak many languages. Participants will interact with preschool science concepts through the pre-k learning cycle for science with emphasis on incorporating linguistically responsive approaches through thematic learning.

Cross-College Seed Grant with Dr. Monique Mills

Dr. Monique Mills (Speech and Hearing Sciences) and I have been awarded a Cross-College Seed Grant for our project ‘Assessing Students’ Narrative Language: Emic and Etic Perceptions”. The study addresses race-based educational disparities and is designed to identify culturally-fair measures of narrative language – a skill that predicts students’ academic outcomes in literacy. The study will identify ways in which the language of school-age Black students is evaluated informally and formally, thereby improving academic assessment of this group.