Issues of Translation in Research

The Literacy in Translation working group (led by Nina Berman, Daniel Reff, and me) continues its series on Friday, February 21, from 2-4, at the Humanities Institute, 104 East 15th. Three OSU professors will discuss issues of translation in their research. Paul Reitter (Germanic Languages and Literatures) will discuss the challenges of translating the first complete English edition of The Autobiography of Salomon Maimon. Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm (Germanic Languages and Literatures) will discuss working with transcribed talk-in-interaction in languages other than English, and the challenges of translating speaker’s utterances and what their words mean in a particular interactional context. Richard Davis (Near East Languages and Cultures) will discuss the challenges of preserving alterity while making plain its continuity and intimacy with our own experiences of the world. Faculty, staff, and students with an interest in reading, writing, and translating across languages, domains, and media are invited to join the conversation. RSVP to Susan Hanson at