Meet Dr. Moore

140217moore_l5490I am Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning and (by courtesy) Linguistics.

I am an applied linguist and a linguistic anthropologist. My research examines the social and cultural patterning of learning and language development in communities whose members use multiple languages and participate in multiple learning traditions.

I am affiliated with four graduate interdisciplinary specializations: Language Sciences, Literacy Studies, Second Language Studies, and Applied Developmental Science. Within the Department of Teaching and Learning, I am a core faculty member of two areas of study: Language, Education, & Society (LES) and Foreign, Second & Multilingual Language Education (FSMLE).

I teach courses on language socialization, second language acquisition, ethnography of communication, linguistic diversity in education, linguistics for literacy and language education, and informal language science outreach.

For a brief overview of my work, see my T&L/EHE profile.

If you would like to learn about applying for our BSEd, Masters, endorsement, EdS, or doctoral programs, please contact T&L’s Academic Services.

My office is 202b Arps Hall.

In SP 2018 I teach EDUTL 7306 Language Socialization and EDUTL 7189 Advanced Field Placement for the FSMLE MA program.

My office hours this semester are Mondays 3 to 4 pm and by appointment.