About Me

Hello! My name is Paulo Montero Camacho. I am from Costa Rica. I went to the Scientific High School of Alajuela, this is  where my interest in physics really grew thanks to my awesome teacher Pablo Blanco. I did my undergraduate in physics at University of Costa Rica, where I graduated with honors and top of my class in 2013.  My undergraduate research focused on General Relativity, mainly approximate and exact solutions of the Einstein’s Field Equations. I worked with Dr. Francisco Frutos and Dr. Javier Bonatti.

I am currently a fifth year physics PhD student at The Ohio State University. My current research interests focus in cosmology, notably early universe and non-standard probes of cosmology. In particular, I am interested in 21 cm cosmology, CMB polarization, cosmic reionization, intensity mapping, WFIRST, and instabilities in mergers of binary neutron stars.  Furthermore, my advisor is  Dr. Christopher Hirata, he is a member of the Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. Recently, I have been working in CMB circular polarization, binary neutron star mergers, primordial black hole constraints and the effects of reionization in the Lyman-α forest.