Final Post

At the beginning of this course I felt like my time management skills were alright but still needed worked on. But now I feel like I have been motivated to accomplish a lot through my google calendar. I have been very conscious over my time management skills to make sure my assignments have been completed on time. To complete these goals the most important thing I have learned this semester is how I track my time. From our time tracking assignment I learned when I procrastinate the most and when I can focus the most. From this I learned when I best learn a lot of information and when I can get through my hardest assignments at the optimal time. Because of this I have learned that when I schedule things in the middle of the day I tend to not get them done. So from this I know that I should put my hardest assignments in the evening. This is meaningful because I tend to be a procrastinator on these big assignments. In the past I have waited until the last minute to complete these which as not worked in my favor because I realized I needed more time to under the concepts. So instead I have worked on my motivated to complete these assignments early and have received better grades because of this. In the future I plan on using what I learned in this class to stay ahead of my homework. I plan on staying ahead in my classwork because when I finish an assignment early I feel really good about myself. In return this makes me feel motivated to finish my other assignments for different classes early. I want to keep these trend because if I run into unexpected road blocks I can over come them through online resources or the professor. I still have time for these roadblocks which in the past I did not. If i had to give advice to my peers is that keep motivated even in the middle to end of the semester. I know I always start the semester motivated to do well and keep up on my assignments and always end up failing. But if you keep the same motivation and manage your time well you can accomplish great things. To do this I highly recommend keep a very detailed calendar. Even if your calendar takes some time to make it will be worth it in the end to make sure you plan accordingly. My last word of advice is that even if you can’t make every goal you set of yourself it is important that you meet the couple few that mean the most to you. Don’t get one lack of goal get you down because you are important. School matters but your mental health matters the most and seek help if you are feeling down. Please look into the resources given to you at your university because it could save your life. Enjoy college and enjoy what you learn because you won’t get these years back.

Module 6: Searching and Researching

As for someone who hates writing academic papers I can understand how find credible sources are important because they really back up what I want to say. I think using wikipedia is not wise to cite in your papers however I think it is a great starting point. Using wikipedia just to get basic ideas about the topic you want to write about is important. Then you can use some of the keywords to help search for articles on scholarly sites. My favorite scholarly site listed is google scholars. I like using google in general and I think it is the same as using regular google however it shows up articles that pertain to what I want. When it comes to searching using google I think it is really important for people to figure out how they should type in what they want. For example, you can type in keywords and google will generate sources based on those or you can use key words and the order actually matter. This way you can get more specific sources and sometimes get a better match as to what you want to write about. Sometimes google scholar doesn’t always show up articles that I want so using the school library or online library can be very helpful too. I myself might look into even more now!

Module 5: Educational Video Assignment

Kites have many uses, some being more than just fun that can help our future. Something flying in the sky freely can bring in more energy than just a stand still wind turbine. This is become with more height comes more wind which means more power/energy. In the next 30 to 40 years we need to make 10+ trillion watts of new and clean energy. Since wind energy is the second most renewable resource there is a new technology that uses kites that can stay in long duration flights that can create enough energy to power up to 5 US homes.

As an electrical engineer sustainable energy is important. I in my future will need to work for a more sustainable world and have classes on how to obtain this energy. I learned that higher up you go the more wind there is and how much wind can equal so much energy. It helped me understand why wind turbines are as tall as they are and how they can’t get much taller but we need to find a way to reach higher up. Since there was an actual experiment in the video it showed me exactly how the energy is collected which helped me understand how wind energy converts over.

Module 5: Web Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies Reflection

When it comes to note taking I think everyone is different and has their own preference and it takes experimentation to figure out what that is. In college you go through a lot of material in a very short amount of time so if you are a slow writer then it might be best to use your computer to take notes. Myself do not like taking notes on the computer, especially as an engineering major because I tend to find myself drawing a lot of diagrams or doing math which is very time consuming to type of a computer. I like hand written notes because me writing helps me remember information better. Before class I also review the notes if they are posted before hand and skim what I am about to learn. I also just recently started looking at the course objectives/syllabus to see what is expected someone should learn in the class and see which topics relate to the notes and make sure to emphasize that I make good notes on those topics. I also try to write notes that help answer the question: Why? Why is this the way it is? Why does this concept work this way? Answering these questions help me study in the future.

Module 4: Web-Enhanced Reading & Study Strategies

I think the hardest part about reading online or using online to do assignments is trying to not get overwhelmed with all the information. You can fit a lot of words onto one screen making it overwhelming to get through so much information without getting lost on the page. What I found to be helpful is making the font size on my computer to be slightly bigger when it comes to reading things such as an online textbook. This helps because I don’t skip around as much or lose my place on the screen. I also use my phone a lot and must keep it by my side. I tend to be on social media a lot but when I am out or laying in bed and want to be productive I downloaded the google sheets app and make flashcards that I use to help me study. Since google sheets updates everywhere I use it in real time I think I am going to start using google docs more during my studying or note taking so I can access them anywhere at any time. This way I can also get them from my phone if I want to do some last minute note review before bed and don’t want to drag my laptop out. I highly recommend using google for more than just these two items because I find it to be helpful to have all of my stuff in one central locations without having to worry if it is the most updated version.

Module 3 – Communicating and Collaborating

I think that communicating to professors is honestly very intimidating. I am always very formal when it comes to emailing my professors because I get worried they won’t take me seriously. But I always forget professors are real people too. I have been replied by my email from an academic adviser with a smiley emoji. I mean I would never do this but it makes me put into perspective people are people. I think what was very useful from this module is that communication is key in any setting so emails or group projects. It is important to be clear in your writing especially in emails because misunderstandings are greater over email. Currently I am also on co op and I have to send emails everyday to my coworkers and I think making concise emails that divide evenly are very effective. If my email is too long then my coworkers honestly won’t read all of it. Therefore I need to make sure to put the most important stuff in it and if it is too important then I will just go up and talk to them and then send a follow up email. Even though they aren’t professors according to module 3 lecture slide 6 written communication is a pro so that way you always have proof if situations turn south. In the future I think I will also make sure add dates to the email when talking about items tomorrow or next week just to add clarity. Any advice I would give as well would be to be professional. Nobody will want to take you seriously if you create a non serious very informal email. That comes off as lazy and professors won’t want to help you because that personality seem like a waste of time to help.