FMCS 2015


Shown are (L to R): Trisha Gibson, Amy Weber, Caitlin Byrne, Jackie Halmbacher. Well-grounded in front: Ieva Roznere.

The Department of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology had a strong showing at the 2015 Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Symposium held 22-27 March 2015 in St. Charles, Missouri, USA. Ieva Roznere won the Best Student Presentation at the meeting.

Contributed oral presentations:

Roznere, I., Watters, G.T., Wolfe, B.A., Daly, M. “Health assessment of relocated freshwater mussel Amblema plicata using metabolomics.”

Weber, A., Bauer, J., Watters, G.T. “Assessment of nutritional subsidies to freshwater mussels using a multiple natural abundance isotope approach.”

Anderson, R., Welte, N., Allison, J., Clayton, J., Douglas, B., Morrison, P., Watters, G., Boyer, A., Koch, L., McGregor, M., Fisher, B., Tiemann, J. “Cooperative recovery on a landscape scale: the reintroduction of Northern Riffleshell (Epioblasma torulosa rangiana) and clubshell (Pleurobema clava) to sites in six states within their historic range.


Gibson, T., Halmbacher, J., Tiemann, J., Watters, G.T. “Egg laying in the pleurocerid Lithasia armigera (Say, 1821) – a winter’s tale.”