Tuesday workshop–Modern Greek for Classicists: Learning Modern Greek through Ancient Greek

This coming Tuesday, February 9, the International Day of the Greek Language, Prof. Brian Joseph (OSU Linguistics),  Christopher Brown, and our colleague at the University of Ljubljana, Jerneja Kavčič, will be giving a workshop entitled “Modern Greek for Classicists:  Learning Modern Greek through Ancient Greek”. Here is a description of the workshop:

=====This workshop is organized on the occasion of celebrating International Day of the Greek Language. It is aimed at students and scholars of Ancient Greek who would like to gain a foothold in the study of Modern Greek. We draw attention to the overwhelming presence of Ancient Greek vocabulary in the modern language; for instance, to the words we call carry-overs. These are Ancient Greek words that can be used in the modern language without explaining any pronunciation rules concerning Modern Greek spelling and thus without needing to adjust for all the changes in phonology, morphology, and semantics that have occurred between Ancient and Modern Greek. Examples of such words include νόμος, μόνος, κρέας, μέλι, etc. We show how these and other Ancient Greek words can be a tool for introducing Classicists to the modern language.=====

It will be done virtually on Zoom and all are welcome to join for any amount of time.  It starts at 12:00noon Columbus time, and can be accessed through this link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82572767152.

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