Reading Markaris in Greek, online

Reading and discussion of Ληξιπρόθεσμα Δάνεια continue in 2021, meeting now on Fridays from 12:40-1:35pm at the Zoom link below. We begin chapter 6 on Friday, January 15 at 12:40; for the reading follow this link.

Friends of the OSU Modern Greek Program in the US and Greece are welcome to join OSU Modern Greek major Niko Soulas ’21 for Greek reading and discussion in English as he leads us through the text of Ληξιπρόθεσμα Δάνεια, a detective novel by Petros Markaris about the Greek financial crisis featuring Inspector Haritos. The works of Markaris have been translated into fourteen languages and circulate in twenty countries; this 201ο novel by Markaris provides a riveting glimpse into Greek society and tells a fascinating story of intrigue and high crime. We are reading through the text and discussing vocabulary and questions as they arise; sessions last for no more than one hour, you can come and go as you like. Reviews of the book in several languages can be found here.

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