Greek school teaching tips from Emily Pandis

While an undergraduate Modern Greek student at Ohio State Emily Pandis ’19 began teaching at the Greek School of the Annunciation Cathedral in Columbus. She is now pursuing graduate studies at American University in Washington, DC and continues her teaching in the Greek school of St. Katherine’s Church in Falls Church, Virginia.

Click here for her description of some enjoyable classroom activities that are used by her and her peers at the Hellenic Education Center of St. Katherine Church.

Click here for some resources used at St. Katherine’s Greek school for students learning the alphabet.

7th Annual Greek Language Festival

The OSU Modern Greek Program participated in the 7th Annual Greek Language Festival at St Demetrios Church on Saturday, November 2. Four Greek schools from the Cleveland area were represented, together with a school from Pittsburgh. Students sang, participated in cultural and language activities, and competed in a quiz competition. Thanks to Eleni Papouras-Jenks and the parents and staff of the Dr. Michael A. Balourdas Hellenic Cultural School at St. Demetrios Church and to Maria Stamoolis, Director of Greek Education in the Pittsburgh Metropolis, for organizing this enjoyable event for the Greek school students.