Honors for Professor Brian D. Joseph

Professor Brian Joseph has been elected to the American Philosophical Society. The APS is the oldest learned society in the US, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. Brian will join a small number of member linguists, including Noam Chomsky, Eric Hamp, Henry Hoenigswald, Keren Rice, Michael Silverstein, and his own mentor, Calvert Watkins.

Professor Joseph is currently serving as  president of the Linguistic Society of America. The Linguistic Society of America is the largest professional organization for linguists, with over 3500 members in the US and abroad. Ohio State played a leading role in its founding in 1924 and there have been three previous LSA presidents from Ohio State: George Melville Bolling (1932), Ilse Lehiste (1980), and Arnold Zwicky (1992).

Professor Joseph was presented with a festschrift before the 22nd Annual Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture on April 5. The Festschrift, entitled And Thus You Are Everywhere Honored: Studies Dedicated To Brian D. Joseph, with articles from over thirty friends, students, and colleagues, honors his long and distinguished career of scholarship, service and teaching. 

Professor Joseph is Distinguished University Professor of LinguisticsKenneth E. Naylor Professor of South Slavic Linguistics and a member of the American Academy of SciencesHis personal website is here; a partial list of his publications, including many pdfs, can be found here. He is editor of the Journal of Greek Linguistics, based here at Ohio State, and director of the OSU Laboratory for Greek Dialectology.

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