Installation, conceptual and animation artists with engaging 3D visualizations and/or rapid prototyping processes as part of the production of their works

Robert Lazerinni

Carsten Höller

David Mach

Wim Delvoye

Katerina Unger

Ken Rinaldo

Michael Rees

Kenneth Snelson

Amy Youngs

Ann Hamilton

Todd Slaughter

Micheal Mercil

Trademark Gunderson

David Herbert

Jorge Mayet

Austin Stewart

Joshua Penrose

Florence Gouvrit Montano

Michael Joquin Grey

Olafur Eliason

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Patricia Piccinini

Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham Vimeo

Sabrina Raaf

Christian Lavigne

H. R. Giger

Laurie Anderson

Carlo H. Sequin

Erwin Driessen and Maria Verstappen

Peter Coffin

Bozidar Brazda

David Batchelor

Terrence Koh

Conrad Shawcross

Nathaniel Hartman

Chris Purdie

Brandon Morse

Elona Van Gent

Tom Longtin

James Turrel

Christo and Jean Claude

Bathsheba Grossman

Kieth Brown

Kenji Yanobe


Sascha Pohfleff

Joseph Siegenthaler

George Hart

Marius Watz

Kimberly Voight

Andy Yoder

Michael Mercil

Carmel Buckley

Dan Collins

Fernando Orellana

Vita Berezina-Blackburn

Matt Lewis

Intersculpt or the Fast UK

3D [Art based] Theory, Rapid Prototyping, and Animation Sites

Modeling a head + Projection modeling + UV mapping

Projection painting and UV Mapping tutorial

Commercial / Industry Motion Graphics and 3D examples:

3D forums / Technical info:

3D Total

High-End 3D


Rapid Prototyping

What is rapid prototyping

Online Anatomy

Discussion Lists


3D Plants




How to make a two-part silicone mold



3D printing and sanding and combining to create a Zortrax Helmut. Gives you a good sense of the things that can and do go wrong.

Making Rounded plastics with vacume plastic.

Creating your own vacuum forming table


Nanoscale Prototyping

Stanford RP center

RP and Jewelry

Solid Scape


Dot Dot Dash Designer Toys, Action figures, and Character Art

Medical Illustration

3D autopsy

Laser Cutting Resources

Here are some web apps and online generators that create plans/files ready for laser cutting.  A few of these I’ve known for years, but many more come from The Ultimate Guide To Laser-Cut Box Generators (Instructable by SparkItUp).  Note that most of these will output files in SVG format, a common vector-based file format readable by most software (including Adobe Illustrator) used for graphics, fabrication, and laser cutting.


MakerCase.  My favorite for simple boxes.  Tell it your dimensions and out comes a box ready to laser cut.  There’s also ConnectionLab and

Festi web interface.  Many curved and fancy styles of boxes, trays, drawers, shelves, and more can be generated.  Haven’t used it yet but it looks very promising.

Joinery.  (Instructable here)  Very interesting online tool to generate joints of all kinds to edges – not just finger joints, but suitable joints for laser cut fabric, cardboard and paper…!  NOTE: This tool is designed for adding joints to existing non-jointed plans and shapes, not for building plans from scratch.

SparkItUp’s Guide lists additional box-building scripting languages and plugins for Inkscape for the adventurous power user.


GearGenerator. Great tool for creating “involute spur gears“, i.e. gear wheels with interlocking teeth.


SVG Nest.  Trying not to waste expensive acrylic/materials?  Use this tool to pack (“nest”) your pieces into the smallest area possible before laser cutting.

Wolfie’s SVG Puzzle Generator.  Generates jigsaw puzzles.