Installation, conceptual and animation artists with engaging 3D visualizations and/or rapid prototyping processes as part of production of their works

Robert Lazerinni

Carsten Höller

David Mach

Wim Delvoye

Katerina Unger

Ken Rinaldo

Michael Rees

Kenneth Snelson

Amy Youngs

Ann Hamilton

Todd Slaughter

Malcolm Cochran

David Herbert

Jorge Mayet

Austin Stewart

Joshua Penrose

Florence Gouvrit Montano

Michael Joquin Grey

Olafur Eliason

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Patricia Piccinini

Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham Vimeo

Sabrina Raaf

Christian Lavigne

H. R. Giger

Laurie Anderson

Carlo H. Sequin

Erwin Driessen and Maria Verstappen

Peter Coffin

Bozidar Brazda

David Batchelor

Terrence Koh

Conrad Shawcross

Nathaniel Hartman

Chris Purdie

Brandon Morse

Elona Van Gent

Tom Longtin

James Turrel

Christo and Jean Claude

Bathsheba Grossman

Kieth Brown

Kenji Yanobe


Sascha Pohfleff

Joseph Siegenthaler

George Hart

Marius Watz

Kimberly Voight

Andy Yoder

Michael Mercil

Carmel Buckley

Dan Collins

Fernando Orellana

Vita Berezina-Blackburn

Matt Lewis

Intersculpt or the Fast UK

3D [Art based] Theory, Rapid Prototyping, and Animation Sites

Modeling a head + Projection modeling + UV mapping

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What is rapid prototyping

Online Anatomy

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Nanoscale Prototyping

Stanford RP center

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Solid Scape


Dot Dot Dash Designer Toys, Action figures, and Character Art

Medical Illustration

3D autopsy