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Palmer Moats

770 Northbridge Lane, Columbus OH, 43235                            (614) 907-5761                      


The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio College of Arts and Sciences, GPA: 3.98/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Biology – Expected May 2022

College of Education and Human Ecology – Human Nutrition Minor

Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio – Graduated 2018, GPA 4.2/4.0

  • Graduated with Highest Honors and Honors Diploma

Work and Volunteer Experience______________________________________

MedLifeVolunteer                                                                             December 2019 – January 2020

  • Traveled to Cusco, Peru to volunteer in remote medical clinics and learn about the healthcare system and barriers the community members face

James Cancer Hospital Volunteer                                                                      January 2019 – Present

  • Currently a Restful Nights volunteer that provides complimentary items to help patients get a good night’s rest and interact and talk with the patients.
  • Previously volunteered on the 10th and 11th critical care floors stocking and sorting PPE and in the art gallery to assist and offer a relaxing environment to patients and visitors of the hospital

CPR Intern (Wexner Medical Center)Volunteer/Intern                                                   June 2019 – Present

  • Teach hands-only CPR through organizations in the Ohio State and Columbus community
  • Plan events with organizations to teach CPR to their employees, staff or visitors

Wolves for CubsMentor                                                                                     November 2016 – April 2018

  • Engaged in one-on-one mentoring of elementary student with social and family problems
  • Communicated student’s behavior and interactions with other students to teacher
  1. Gilbert’sBusser and Food Runner                                                      May 2016 – August 2016
  • Maintained restaurant appearance through continuous walk throughs of bar and dining areas
  • Tended to customers by refilling drinks and clearing food from the tables

Activities ____________________________________________________________

Mount Leadership Society ScholarsSecond Year Scholar                                     August 2018 – Present

  • Attend weekly meetings to develop leadership skills and styles
  • Participate in monthly service projects around Ohio State and Columbus communities
  • Service Committee Chair: Organize and plan all of the service events as well as meetings second semester for all first-year students in scholars’ program

Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity General Member                                      February 2019 – Present

  • Attend weekly meeting to gain knowledge about the medical profession, ethics and integrity
  • Partner with Children’s Miracle Network and fundraise money to donate to the foundation through various events
  • On the Anatomy Fashion Show committee to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network; involved in the marketing process of the event

Men’s Varsity Soccer                                                                                            August 2014 – October 2017

  • Voted captain (senior year): organized practices, motivated the team and communicated with the coaches about improvements to the team
  • First Team All OCC: voted by team; Second Team All-District: voted by coaches


Piano                                                                                                                                August 2006 – May 2018

  • Volunteered at nursing homes and hospitals and participated in various competitions


Over winter break, I went to Cusco, Peru on a medical service trip in which we visited villages with limited access to medical care in the surrounding area of Cusco. The community members were very grateful for our help. We learned about the barriers that they face related to health care, as well as other things we take for granted, such as education and adequate nutrition. We saw a variety of problems, but the most common were anemia, arthritis and vision/ eye problems. The lifestyle that the people lived there differs greatly from the United States; much of the work they do is physical labor on farms, harvesting food and cattle. Comparing my life with their lives alters the way I look at many situations, as this experience allowed me to see how fortunate we are in the United States.

For my CPR Internship through the Wexner Medical Center, I have gained many essential skills. First, my public speaking skills have improved because we give presentations for up to 100 people at a time. It also has helped with my planning and communication skills because we have to set up events. Finally, the program impacts many people as we teach an essential lifesaving skill.

Volunteering at the James has given me the opportunity to see many aspects of a hospital. My role has changed a few times, so I have experienced different scenarios and worked with different people. An essential skill that I have gained is collaborating with others in the Restful Night’s program. We work together as a group to work as efficiently as possible to impact as many patients as possible.

Mount has provided many opportunities to develop my leadership skills in many ways. During my time, I have been involved in service committee, which provides planning, collaboration and networking skills. It has allowed me to learn and understand about many of the social issues around Columbus, which has changed my perspective on many things.

Phi Delta Epsilon has solidified my choice to go down the medical field. We have had many specialties of doctors talk to us about their profession. I learned about the process of getting into medical school and afterwards. I have also been a part of the anatomy fashion show planning committee to help put of a successful event, which raises money for children’s miracle network.

CPR Internship

This semester I have been able to be a part of a CPR Internship through the Wexner Medical Center. I have learned a lot about not only how to do hands only CPR and some of the statistics around CPR, but I have learned a lot about the medical field in general from the doctor who runs it, Dr. Ashish Panchal. He has introduced a lot of the research that he does around CPR and the work he does in the Emergency Department at the Wexner. Many of the statistics surrounding CPR are shocking and it solidifies the reason that I am passionate about the topic. The CPR Internship has also developed my public speaking skills, community connections and planning skills. Overall, this experience has helped me develop in many ways and I have been able to learn a lot from it.

Service Committee Chair

Becoming a Service Committee Chair in Mount Scholars has helped me develop my leadership skills. It has provided obstacles for me and the other chairs to critically analyze and overcome. Each obstacle has allowed me to adapt and problem solve, both important qualities of leadership. Collaborating with the other chairs has also allowed me to learn about other types of leadership and how these different types can be paired to have a successful committee. The position that I have translates to my career goals, not through content, but through what I learn. The most important concept that I have learned is problem solving because it is an essential skill to posses for any position.

First Semester Freshman Year

My Freshman year was filled with much success academically, socially and within my involvements around campus. I did not want to get overly involved my first semester, and I think I chose the right amount of involvement. For my upcoming semester, I plan on getting more involved. I want to branch out and volunteer at different places; I will be volunteering at the James in the art exhibit for this semester, which I am looking forward to. I met many new friends through Mount and in my classes, which has allowed me to learn about other people’s lives, views and study habits. Academically, I worked very hard and studied intensely. I think that I could still learn ways to study more efficiently. Overall, I had much success and I am hoping to keep it going this semester.

This summer I was fortunate to take a tripe to Croatia with my family. It was my first trip outside of the United States, which allowed me to experience different cultures and immerse myself in the unfamiliar language and customs of Croatia. The trip opened my thoughts and ideas about life outside of the United States. Although Croatia is not the most advanced European country, the experience allowed me to realize how privileged I am to live in a country with some of the most advanced technology. On the other hand, I realized that many people in Croatia had more respect for their environment and surroundings than in the United States. The eye-opening experience allowed me to become more open-minded to my surroundings and focus more on experience and adventure rather than unimportant distractions that come from my normal days.

Year in Review

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I had the opportunity to shadow a cardiac electrophysiologist for four weeks. The experience was filled with excitement and inspiration to become a cardiologist. I shadowed Dr. Fu at Riverside Methodist Hospital and at his office down the road from Riverside. I learned about anti-rhythmic medication and procedures that can diminish symptoms or cure the patient. I saw catheter ablations, pacemaker and defibrillator implants and replacements and cardioversions. I learned that I enjoy the patient interactions that he gets to have and the relationships with the patients that he creates; I could see myself doing something similar. I will use what I learned in the future to help guide myself and remind myself that all of the school to become a cardiologist is worth it.

About Me

I am Palmer Moats and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I attend The Ohio State University with a major in biology on the premed track with an ultimate goal of being a cardiologist and I am in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars program. I apply my desire to learn in everything I do, which enables me to grow intellectually and collaboratively with others. Some of my interests are fitness, health and science, and directly helping others. I intend to get involved to develop and combine most of my interests, but also branch out and discover new passions. My career goals stem from my childhood because I had a coarctation of my aorta and have had follow-ups ever since, which sparked interest and intrigue.

In college, I am hoping to network and make connections between other students as well as professors, which I envision as a time for growth and development towards my passions. Volunteering at the Wexner Center and doing undergraduate research during my time in college fascinates me as I can form close relationships within both. Lastly, a book that shaped the way I think and has had an impact on my growth as a person is “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck because it developed the way I interpret different situations and how I respond to them.