The first job I was recommended is Senior Financial Analyst. I think this is probably a good job for me. Because I love finance which is equivalent to currency circulation. This is an interesting field in the economy. My intended major is actuarial science. There are some connections between actuarial science and financial analyst. They are both relationships with financial, data analyzing, and statistical. The difference between them would be the professional field. The actuary is more professional than a financial analyst because it needs a strong mathematics skill. The actuary is most common is the insurance company since they need to calculate all kinds of fees about the insurances. Also, an actuary is used to calculate someone or something’s commercial value. A financial analyst is doing some data analysis in industries and companies. It could be varied. According to the caption below my text, the average salary is 80,978 dollars. I think this is a creditable income. If you have more experience or education, you could have a chance to make more money. The Financial analyst is a job like, “the older you are, the more money you would make.” My satisfaction with this job would be good since I just need to work for 40 hours per week. I think the level of satisfaction is more important than the salary. I would like to do a job if I like it. If this is a job that has a high salary, but I do not like it, I would just exit. I want to have a job that can fit my interest even if its income is not as much as the one I do not like.

The second job I was recommended is Senior Strategy Analyst. I do not think it would be a good choice for me. The professional field of this job is information technology which is computer science. This is different from the field that I decide to learn. As you see, my intended major is actuarial science and the field of the actuary is calculating many kinds of value or benefit. A strategy analyst is designing a program to analyze the market and then create strategic plans. Comparing to my willing job, the strategy analyst is another profession different from mine. I like the salary showing on my screenshot, which is 87,645 dollars per year. If you have more experience in this job, you will earn more money which is according to the data shown on Senior would make more money. My satisfaction with this job is just normally fine. First, I am not really interested in this job. Second, my professional field is different from this job. Therefore, even though they hire me for a high salary, I would not go there. Absolutely, satisfaction is more important than the salary just like what I said on the first job I was recommended.