The conference starts on Thursday afternoon and ends after lunch on Sunday.

Thursday Schedule:  Registration will be from 3 to 7 pm in the Lobby.  Dinner starts at 5 pm and is usually very good.  The evening session will start at 7.

Sunday Schedule:  There will be a morning session so plan not to leave until after lunch.

There is no formal program set in advance. Everyone who wants to give a talk – PIs, postdocs and students – is welcome to do so, on a first-come basis. We should be able to accommodate everyone who want to give a talk this time, but if we have too many – students, postdocs and beginning investigators will be given preference.  We will also have a poster session.

Oral sessions will not follow any theme, but people are encouraged to sign up in a particular order if they think it will work better. Each talk will be 12 minutes, followed by discussions; sometimes these are longer than the talks.  We expect to hear about RNA polymerases and transcription mechanisms from all domains of life, and even from viruses.

Per our tradition, short handouts with figures are strongly encouraged (4 sides/page?). Electronic presentations will be supported but are not required.

Weather permitting, we will choose an afternoon to hike in the mountains (or not, if this is your preference). We will try on Friday, with Saturday as a backup. 

Tentative schedule:

ThursdayEvening/Talks19 – 22
FridayMorning/Talks9 – 12
  Afternoon/Hiking; ALT on Saturday14 – 17
Evening/Posters20 – 23
SaturdayMorning/Talks9 – 12
Afternoon/Talks; ALT on Friday14 – 17
Social activities20 – xxx
SundayMorning/Talks10 – 12