The Twentieth Biennial meeting of Post-Initiation Activities of RNA Polymerases (a.k.a. Mountain Lake Termination meeting) will he held November 10 to 13, 2022 at Mountain Lake Lodge, as always.

Mountain Lake is a relaxing location in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia, with many excellent hiking trails nearby. The resort sits high on the top of a mountain and is known to most people as a set for the iconic movie Dirty Dancing. But for us, this is a special place where every two years (barring a pandemic) we meet to discuss the mechanisms and regulation of transcription by archaeal, bacterial, eukaryotic and viral RNA polymerases.

There is no formal program set in advance, it is up to you what we will talk about, and everyone is welcome to present. We expect to hear about genetic, biochemical, single molecule, structural and computational approaches to interrogate every step of the transcription cycle and the mechanisms by which regulatory proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules modulate RNA polymerase activity.  

If you attended before, please come again. If you haven’t ever attended, you should check it out. All RNA polymerases, all steps of the transcription cycles (even initiation), and all effectors are welcome.

Hope to see you there!

If you have questions about the upcoming 2022 meeting, please feel free to contact the organizers:

Irina Artsimovitch             email:

David Schneider               email:

Dorothy Erie is organizing our legendary party;