Lab Members

Pictured above: Shabber, Yanran (Ph.D. 2021), Jason, Mark, Ben, Sophia, and Josh (not pictured: Chelsea)

Current Laboratory Members

Dr. Shabber Mohammed (postdoctoral researcher)

Chelsea Mann (4th-year graduate student)

Josh Powell (3rd-year graduate student)

Jason West (2nd-year graduate student)

Ben Haines (2nd-year graduate student)

Sophia Rozenbojm (undergraduate student)

Clare Ove (undergraduate student)


Laboratory Alumni

Yanran Lu (Ph.D., 2021)

Dr. Linsen Li (Ph.D., 2019)

Dr. Antony Okumu (postdoctoral researcher)

Dr. Sandip Vibhute (postdoctoral researcher)

Dr. Katherine Thomas (visiting scholar, 2018)

Bo McIntosh (undergraduate student)

Hailey Hauck (undergraduate student)

Lovette Azap (undergraduate researcher)

Pictured below: Josh, Yanran (Ph.D. 2021), Antony, Chelsea, Sandip, and Linsen (Ph.D. 2019)