Welcome to Morgan Mitevski’s e-portfolio.  This e-portfolio is intended to be used over the next two years as a STEM EE Scholar, but she plans to use it over the course of four years. Morgan plans to use it as a collection of academic success, memories, and experiences that occur during her time as a student at The Ohio State University.  This e-portfolio will be a reminder of her goals and act as a benchmark as to whether she achieves them or not.  Ultimately, she wants this to capture her development and growth over the next four years as a person, student, and professional.

About Me

Morgan Mitevski is from Galena, Ohio, only half an hour away from Columbus.  She grew up wearing scarlet and grey and watching Buckeye football every Saturday.  Her mom is a proud alum from The Ohio State University and her brother is a current student.  Morgan’s family is very important to her and they have always been very supportive.  Her family is super close and big on values, traditions, and morals. Morgan’s parents hold high standards academically and personally.  They have been great influences on her and they have shaped her into the person she is today.

During high school, Morgan was actively involved in Student Council and National Honors Society serving as the vice president for both organizations.  She tends to hold myself to high standards as a student and as a person.  Morgan challenged herself in high school with academically accelerated classes and she always aimed for high grades.  In high school Morgan took almost every science course available, graduating with seven science credits when only three were required.  It was during this time that Morgan realized she loves science and has a strong interest for it.  Morgan remembers scheduling classes every year and she always found herself doubling up science classes.  Interestingly, Morgan found that she enjoyed both anatomy and chemistry.  Then she encountered a problem. Morgan discovered an interest for business and economics.  This leads her to where she is today.

Morgan Mitevski is currently a first year undergraduate student in the Fisher College of Business, hoping to pursue a degree in an accounting.  She found that she has an interest for both the business world and science world, but she has chosen to pursue business at the moment. However, this is subject to change. As of now, Morgan plans to add a minor in one of the sciences most likely biology.

With the help of STEM EE Scholars, Morgan plans to explore and engage herself in many different opportunities and activities.  She still has a strong interest in STEM and she wants to incorporate it into her college degree somehow. Morgan plans to strive for academic excellence and hold a high GPA throughout my collegiate years. Morgan hopes to push herself in and out of the classroom as well as become involved.  Lastly, Morgan hopes to keep an open mind and grow as a person at The Ohio State University.