G.O.A.L.S. Reflection

The Ohio State University’s Honors and Scholars program holds students to high standards and pushes them beyond classroom walls.  The pillars of this program are outlined as the G.O.A.L.S. of Honors and Scholars. This includes Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement.  All components are important in developing a holistic student and preparing them for a professional career.  As a first year STEM EE Scholar, so far, I have been impacted mostly by Academic Enrichment and Service Engagement.  I feel that these facets will continue to impact me in the future and in my career.  Both Academic Enrichment and Service Engagement will help with my success down the road and help me fulfill my goals.

Academic Enrichment focuses on a rigorous curriculum.  The main idea is to push students in the classroom, but beyond what is expected.  Academic Enrichment also include curricular experiences outside of the classroom.  With both experiences in and out of the classroom, the goal is to be able to apply the knowledge learned in a future career.  This is important to me because I have always been very school oriented. I continually push myself by taking harder classes and striving for success.  I have recently debated taking a pre-med route while also obtaining a business degree. Tacking on the med school prerequisites will be a challenge and a harder path. However, it may be rewarding in the end since medicine is still one of my passions.  With Academic Enrichment in mind, I plan to take the harder path and tack on the prerequisites.  Over the next four years, I’ll have a rigorous schedule every semester, but hopefully I will obtain my business degree and apply to medical school.  In ten years, my future is questionable. I could be graduating medical school or I could be working as an accountant.  Either way I’m positive I will continue to push my mind and further my knowledge.

Service Engagement focuses on students serving the community. Service exposes students to different perspectives and situations. Many times, service shows the different social issues that exist in society.  Service is very important to me because I believe in giving back.  I am very fortunate and blessed, but often times I forgot that. Service is a way to give back to the community and help those in need.  Throughout high school I was involved in sandwich making. This was a service that made sandwiches for the St. Lawrence Haven community. The people in this community relied on these sandwiches for meals during the week. I also was very involved in the canned food drive and was a main organizer of it. Service such as sandwich making and canned food drives are fairly easy, but they have a big impact. There is never a service opportunity that is too small or meaningless.  Service opportunities help bring me back to reality. They can be eye opening and offer a new perspective.

Time is one of the best things we can offer when it comes to service.  As a student, it can seem like there is not enough of it sometimes.  This semester, I’ve been fortunate enough to volunteer at COSI. Even though it is not a service opportunity similar to the ones I mentioned above, it is still service.  Volunteering at COSI has been a fun experience.  In exchange for my time, I get to interact with kids.  I work a “Science on Wheels” cart and help the kids perform mini experiments.  This service outreach program allows me to connect my love for science with my love for working with kids.  Watching the kids get excited about something is extremely rewarding. It is something about kids, but their happiness and excitement infectious.  Some of their reactions are adorable and they never cease to shock me with their knowledge.  Service has and will always be an important aspect of my life. I see myself continuing to engage in service opportunities throughout my collegiate years as well as my lifetime.  Ohio State offers the Buck-I-Serve program which is something I hope to get involved in soon.  My goal is to participate in one or multiple service trips during my time at OSU. With the mindset of possibly being a doctor, I hope to serve and continue to serve people.

Artifact 2

OSU is a big school and often times it can seem overwhelming.  However, there are many resources available on campus to help; the First Year Success Program aims to help freshman transition from high school to college. For my freshman survey class, we had a First Year Success Series (FYSS) assignment. We were required to attend three of the FYSS programs at our discretion.

Surprisingly, I found one of these events to be very rewarding. As I mentioned in my previous artifact, I am unsure of what I want to do. I have multiple interests, but I don’t know what career I want to pursue. The FYSS program I attended was called “Find Your Career Path: Career and Major Exploration and Decision Making.”

This session focused on career exploration. While we were there, we completed a RIASEC self-report to determine what best suits our personality.  This event helped me realize that there are multiple paths that lead to the same career; also, some majors are flexible and they can lead to a variety of different careers post-graduation.

The session also reassured first me that it is ok to not know what you want to do and it is ok if you change career paths along the way. The session reiterated choosing a major doesn’t determine your career from here on out. Often times, people in certain careers don’t graduate with the major for that career.

As I mentioned above, OSU can seem like a large and overwhelming university.  However, resources such as the Office of Career Management and Career Counselling provide individual help. They offer support and aid in discovering the best career path for you.  The office of Career Management also helps students after they determine a career they would like to pursue.  One helpful resource they offer is help with resumes.  They help build and review resumes, which is something that I plan to use in the near future.


As a STEM EE Scholars student, one would think my major falls in a STEM category; however, I’m a business major in a STEM program.  Originally, I did not know how this would playout, but I’m so happy with the way it has so far.  I have a love for science, especially health sciences, but I have always torn between medicine and business. My economics class senior year pushed me more towards the business route, but I still have an interest in science.

Surprisingly, one of the STEM EE events I attended pushed me to look more in depth with what I could do for my current dilemma.  This lead me to a Pharmaceuticals Start Up event.  This was really interesting and eye opening because it appealed to my business and medicine interests.  The speakers we’re advocates of medical school explaining that it opens a lot of doors.

With this is mind, I started to think more about it and consider med school.  Coincidently there was a Medical Student Panel event coming up the following week.  I decided this would really help me out and answer any questions. The event was held Cunz Hall on September 21, 2017. There were four medical students on the panel, each with a different major and a different experience level.

This event was a game changer for me. I learned that no one takes the same path to get where they are now.  For example, one girl was and electrical engineer major and one boy was a microbiology major.  They stressed how important it is to not compare yourself to your peers. Whether it is what major you choose or when you take the MCAT, everyone learns differently and everyone eventually gets there. They explained as long as you take the prerequisites, you can apply for med school.

The electrical engineer major went on to explain that she still doesn’t know what she wants to do even as a second-year medical student. She explained that she had an interest in medicine and went for it. Her big thing was that there are always going to be two paths in life. One is going to be higher and harder. Don’t take the easy path because you might have to live with the regret of not trying.  She explained that even though medical school may be harder, in the end it will open more doors and opportunities.

After attending this panel and talking it over with my parents, I think medical school is something I want to try. I want to remain a business major and pursue a degree in either accounting or finance, but I want to take the medical school prerequisites to keep that door open.  This way I can get the best of both worlds as I try to figure out what I really want to do.


Welcome to Morgan Mitevski’s e-portfolio.  This e-portfolio is intended to be used over the next two years as a STEM EE Scholar, but she plans to use it over the course of four years. Morgan plans to use it as a collection of academic success, memories, and experiences that occur during her time as a student at The Ohio State University.  This e-portfolio will be a reminder of her goals and act as a benchmark as to whether she achieves them or not.  Ultimately, she wants this to capture her development and growth over the next four years as a person, student, and professional.

About Me

Morgan Mitevski is from Galena, Ohio, only half an hour away from Columbus.  She grew up wearing scarlet and grey and watching Buckeye football every Saturday.  Her mom is a proud alum from The Ohio State University and her brother is a current student.  Morgan’s family is very important to her and they have always been very supportive.  Her family is super close and big on values, traditions, and morals. Morgan’s parents hold high standards academically and personally.  They have been great influences on her and they have shaped her into the person she is today.

During high school, Morgan was actively involved in Student Council and National Honors Society serving as the vice president for both organizations.  She tends to hold myself to high standards as a student and as a person.  Morgan challenged herself in high school with academically accelerated classes and she always aimed for high grades.  In high school Morgan took almost every science course available, graduating with seven science credits when only three were required.  It was during this time that Morgan realized she loves science and has a strong interest for it.  Morgan remembers scheduling classes every year and she always found herself doubling up science classes.  Interestingly, Morgan found that she enjoyed both anatomy and chemistry.  Then she encountered a problem. Morgan discovered an interest for business and economics.  This leads her to where she is today.

Morgan Mitevski is currently a first year undergraduate student in the Fisher College of Business, hoping to pursue a degree in an accounting.  She found that she has an interest for both the business world and science world, but she has chosen to pursue business at the moment. However, this is subject to change. As of now, Morgan plans to add a minor in one of the sciences most likely biology.

With the help of STEM EE Scholars, Morgan plans to explore and engage herself in many different opportunities and activities.  She still has a strong interest in STEM and she wants to incorporate it into her college degree somehow. Morgan plans to strive for academic excellence and hold a high GPA throughout my collegiate years. Morgan hopes to push herself in and out of the classroom as well as become involved.  Lastly, Morgan hopes to keep an open mind and grow as a person at The Ohio State University.