Welcome to the website of Dr. Antoinette Miranda. Explore from a first-hand perspective her influence and impact as director of the school psychology program at The Ohio State University, professor, Ohio State School Board member (District #6 representative), advisor, mentor, consultant, and change agent within the Columbus community and beyond.

“As a student, I have experienced Dr. Miranda as a person who is passionate about ‘acting out’ social justice in her daily interactions. It is not something she simply lectures about, she does it! She believes in working forward, while reaching back. Dr. Miranda consistently and uniquely applies her knowledge and research regarding educational disparities based on race in her practice with her own school psychology students. As such, she creates small communities where students can connect with her on a person level, while providing a space for those who don’t always have one. This is truly social justice in action!

• • •

“Pursuing a Ph.D. seemed like an impossible journey for me–that is, until I met Dr. Miranda. She saw purpose and potential in me that I hadn’t yet seen in myself. Dr. Miranda has reached a high level of esteem within her career, yet she is still very intentional about reaching back to students and offering us remarkable opportunities which motivates challenge and growth. She is a living example of a true mentor, advisor, and servant leader.”

• • •

“Dr. Miranda has been very instrumental in both my professional and personal development. She continuously strives to push me beyond my comfort zone in order to grow in my confidence and experience. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to be supervised by someone who continuously advocates for social justice and the use of culturally competent practices within schools. This level of passion is one of her many great attributes that help to distinguish the Ohio State’s School Psychology program at the national and international level.”