Year in Review

This past 2017-2018 year was my first year in college. There were many things I learned and enjoyed. My main focus was on school, but getting through the courses was still difficult. Even though the classes were difficult, taking them made me strengthen my ideas for my future. I really do enjoy learning about various sciences, and I hope I can become better at them. I also joined a few clubs, where I met many sweet people. I wasn’t able to go to as many club meetings as I would have liked, but with club swimming, I got to go to Atlanta for nationals! I also was able to experience many different events and people through HSS. And although I had stuggled with courses, I have learned about study strategies that work and don’t work for me. This first year was a learning experience and I’m glad I was able to get through it with the help of new friends.


Global Awareness

Original Inquiry

Academic Enrichment

By interviewing an upperclassman, I was able to learn more about the path to medical school. I worry about some of my freshman classes and many of them are essentially made to be difficult so that they can differentiate who is dedicated and who is not. Research is also a good experience, but not necessary for medical school. There are also some people who take a gap year in between undergraduate and medical school. Clubs are also a good way to meet new people with a common interest and a way to destress too. Overall, I shouldn’t worry too much about insecurities during freshman year as long as I keep putting in the effort and have a positive mindset.

Leadership Development

Service Engagement

One of my consistent volunteering services is at The James Cancer Center. Here, I greet patients, staff, and family members who come in from the Cannon Garage. I also help anyone find their way to the various hospitals and buildings on campus. This was a fun task to do because I was able to walk and take people to their destination. And since there are more than 4 hospitals in that are connected, the walks could take 2 minutes to 8 minutes. I was able to get to know the layout of the hospitals well. By walking people to the right places, I could also interact with up to 20 different families a day. It was really interesting and eye-opening seeing the different people who came by.

Along with this, I have been able to volunteer at different places with various clubs. One club, I was able to go to a local YWCA. Although I was only able to go there once, I interacted with amazing adult women and their adorable children. And I knew there are struggles in their life, but they were all so bright and I really enjoyed being able to hang out with them.


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About Me

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