Group Members

Wendy Panero, Professor

PhD Students

Josh Martin (@JoshMartin110), Iron & Platinum PVT Equations of State

MS Students

Scott Hull (@PlanetaryScott), Earth Core differentiation modeling

Joe Schulze

BS Students

Nicole Wahlstrom, Exoplanetary water worlds

Hannah Hermann

Group Alumni

Scott Hull (BS 2017, @PlanetaryScott), Basalt-Eclogite transitions on terrestrial exoplanets, thesisnow a MS student in the group!

Brian Ares (BS 2017), Al-Si disorder in the CAS phase, thesis

Cayman Unterborn (PhD 2016, @LapisSvengoolie) “Before Biology: Geologic Habitability and Laying the Physical and Chemical Foundations for Life” ResearchGate Website


Alex Rytel (MS 2016) “The Effect of Disorder of Hydrous Mineral Stability at High Pressure”


Sam Perry (BS 2016), U and Th in CaSiO3-perovskite, defended thesis, now at Notre Dame



Evan Dismukes (BS 2016, @EvanDismukes), Mass-Radius relationships and terrestrial planet composition, thesis


Jeff Pigott (MS 2011; PhD 2015), “Exploration of Earth’s Deep Interior by Merging Nanotechnology, Diamond-Anvil Cell Experiments, and Computational Crystal Chemistry”  ResearchGate

Graduate SchoolPigottNanoFabPigottNiEOS

Mackenzie Scharenberg (BS 2015), Pressure-induced autoredox reactions, defended thesis


Billy Eymold (BS 2013), Calibration of Viscosity Measurements in the Diamond Anvil Cell, defended honors thesis

Daniel Reaman (PhD 2011) Structure, Composition, and Dynamic Behavior of Earth’s Inner Core


Terrilynn Easter (MS 2011) Halite (NaCl)—Sylvite (KCl): A Study of Solid Solutions Devised from First Principles

Matthew Hawrylak (BS 2011) Phase stability of iron-nickel alloy at extreme pressures and temperatures: Implications for the Earth’s core, honors thesis

Eugenia Hyung (BS 2010 Honors) A peep into the deep Earth through the stability and compressibility of RbAlSi3O8 at high pressures and improved temperature measurements within the LHDAC by accounting for wavelength- and temperature-dependent emissivity, honors thesis


Sara (Huggins) Whitaker (MS 2009) The possibility of lithophile elements in Earth’s core: The high pressure electronic transitions of rubidium and potassium



Jason Kabbes (MS 2010) “Diamond Formation under Lower Mantle Redox Conditions: Experimental Constraints on the Mineralogical Host of Carbon in Earth’s Mantle”


Daniel Mackney (BS 2010) First-principles calculations of the stability of hydrous alumino-silicates under Deep-Earth conditions, thesis


Emily England, (BS 2008) Quantification of Chromatic Aberration in the Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell.

Michael Veres, (BS 2007) Verification of a New Method in Determining the Viscosity of Fluids Under High Temperature and Pressure, thesis

Wes Clary (BS 2007) Calibration of the spectroradiometry system for temperature measurements  (1500-6000 K) at high pressures, thesis