Week 1: ESC Credit Recovery and Enrichment Summer Camp Activities

Meghan Thoreau, OSU Extension Educator

Click here or on the image above to watch a short highlight video capturing students’ enrichment activities during their first week of summer camp, produced by Meghan Thoreau.

Credit Recovery:

  • Math: Review of algebraic concepts, problem-solving sessions, and assessment preparation.
  • English: Reading comprehension exercises, writing, and literature analysis.
  • Science: Review of biology and chemistry fundamentals.

Enrichment Activities:

  • Pinball Design Challenge: Building a pinball game, designing prototypes, and coding exercises.
  • Sewing Basics: Painting, drawing, and crafting sessions.
  • Tai Chi: Team-building exercises, sports, and scavenger hunts.
  • Mindfulness: Inspirational talks from industry professionals and mentors.
  • Culinary Skills: basic cooking skills, snack and meal preparation.


  • Support students in recovering credits and getting back on track.
  • Provide engaging activities to foster learning and exploration.
  • Encourage teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.

Pinball Science with Rachel Speakman from Pickaway Pathways to Success – the focus of Week 1 was to have students work individually and support each other in creating their take-home versions of a working pinball machine.

This session focused on collaborating in teams to solve design issues seen in our larger “class” pinball machine. Students used their newly learned skills to work through their prototype pinballs to test and troubleshoot possible solutions.

By the end of the week, students had finished their builds, incorporating their newly gained knowledge of basic circuitry and mechanical principles. They added mechanisms from recycled objects and wired buzzers and lights into the design of their pinball machines.

instructor working through a solution with a student


Chemical Reactions with Judy Walley from Teays Valley High School – chemistry is a part of everyday life. Week 1 we focused on improving our students’ understanding of the importance of chemical reactions through a hands-on lab.

chemical reactions

Students learned the five signs of a chemical change firsthand:

  1. Color Change
  2. Production of an odor
  3. Change of Temperature
  4. Evolution of a gas (formation of bubbles)
  5. Precipitate (formation of a solid)

chemistry lab

Tai Chi, Mindfulness, and Sewing Basics with Jessica Lowe assisted by Meghan Thoreau from OSU Extension – Tai Chi and Mindfulness are important practices, especially for K-12 students. Many benefits come from incorporating these practices into our daily lives, such as stress and anxiety reduction, improved focus and concentration, greater self-awareness and emotional regulation, improved balance and flexibility, and reduction in chronic pain, insomnia, and depression.

tai chi outside

There are many styles and forms of Tai Chi to learn. Jessica shared the Sun Style developed by Paul Lam. Tai Chi and Mindfulness focus on our overall well-being working both the mind and body. They can also empower students to better navigate personal challenges while maintaining a positive attitude. If students expressed an interest in this session, consider finding classes, clubs, or workshops that can provide resources for students to continue practicing outside of camp. 

students learning to sew

Jessica also led students through a sewing project that taught them basic stitching patterns, like back stitching, threading a needle, sewing buttons, and a chance to use a sewing machine. This was the first time for many students to use and practice these life skills.

instructor teaching student how to use a sewing machine

Stay tuned for more programming highlights from June’s ESC Summer Camp. This opportunity was brought to our community by the Pickaway County Educational Service Center, sponsored by the 21st Century Partner Program, which offers a unique blend of academic support, enriching experiences, and a credentialing opportunity to help students thrive. The camp experience is designed for grades 8th -12th graders enrolled in any Pickaway County Local School District.