Pickaway County Commissioners Community Development Briefing

CD OSU Extension: Hands-on STEM Learning & Career Exploration

Prezi presentation on Community Development Extension programming in Pickaway County, Ohio.

2022 Select Teaching and Career Exploration Programs

Braves Expo Day Career: Careers in Drone Technologies

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Tech Hardware

Quick summary of some hardware used in youth STEM programs.

2022 Select Publications

Pickaway County Annual Financial Report

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Ohioline Fact Sheet, The She-cession: How the Pandemic Forced Women from the Workplace and How Employers Can Respond


Fact Sheet: https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/cdfs-4110

Elementary STEM Club: LED Display

Kids on Campus: Technology Coding Summer Camp

Elementary STEM Club: Coding & Connected Toys

Programming Thru the Pandemic

Pickaway County Extension Video Highlight, Working thru COVID