Blending a Composite Picture of Isis and Nefertiti With a Photo of a Moonlit Night Sky Taken On an iPhone XS Max Using Different Blending Modes

Watch Me.

Blending Modes Described by Mimi:

Dissolve: Nothing is happening? Oh wait! I have to change the opacity. Now the photo resembles watching television in the 90s and 2000s.

Darken: No White.

Multiply: Darken, but creepier.

Color Burn: Darken, but you forgot to replace all the colors that you for some reason, removed.

Linear Burn: Darkens, but also, brightens.

Darker Color: The darker pixel becomes the pixel that matters.

Lighten: No Black.

Screen: Very cool.

Soft Light: Imagine: lighten but softer.

Hard Light: See above.

Linear Light: Hard Light & Burn.

Pin Light: Colors are replaced depending on the percent gray that they are. I use a similar method when cleaning out my refrigerator.

Hard Mix: Colors are literally blended.

Difference: Colors are inversely blended. Anti-blended, if you will.

Exclusion: Difference but less inverse blending and more white.

Subtract: Exclusion but with less white and significantly more black.

Divide: How about instead of using any of these colors, we find a complimentary color to perhaps complement what might have been?

Hue/Saturation/Color/Luminosity: Rather than blending we are going to care only about the psychology of the colors.

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