Welcome to the home page for the Milliqan Collaboration.

The Milliqan Collaboration is an international research collaboration working on a dedicated experiment for detecting “milli-charged” particles produced in pp collisions at the LHC. The experiment uses a three sectioned array of 1200 plastic scintillators + PMTs aligned to the CMS IP to provide triple incidence. milliQan expects to sensitive to charges of order 10-3 e for mass 1 GeV and charges of order 10-2 e for mass 10 GeV with 300 fb-1­ of integrated luminosity. This greatly extends the parameter space explored for small charges above 100 MeV.

This is a 3D drawing that shows the milliQan location, behind 17 m of rock, and 33m from the CMS interaction point (illustrated by the black line).

milliQan demonstrator

A 1% scale demonstrator was built and installed in the tunnel above CMS during the LHC technical stop in Sep 2017 (see picture at right)  When LHC resumes operation, it will be taking data!