Traffic and Speeding During The Pandemic – The Sound of Ideas – WCPN (Cleveland Public Radio)

On May 18th,I was a guest on the WCPN Cleveland Public Radio show the Sound of Ideas.  We talk about the evidence of increased speeding in Ohio during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more broadly about the current opportunity to rethink how we use street space in our cities:

WCPN (Cleveland) – The Sound of Ideas: Traffic and Speeding During The Pandemic


CURA report: Less traffic is leading to more speeding in Ohio’s major cities during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) released a report that compared traffic data for Ohio’s three major cities for March-April 2020 versus 2019.  Less traffic during the Coronavirus crisis is leading to more speeding, especially extreme speeding.

CURA research report: Evidence Of Increased Vehicle Speeding In Ohio’s Major Cities During The Coronavirus Pandemic

This report is featured in several news sources:

  1. Ohio State News
  2. WOSU Public Media
  3. The Columbus Dispatch
  4. Columbus Underground
  5. WEWS TV5 Cleveland

Road diets in the Cbus

Back on September 12, I posted about the magic of road diets – a relatively inexpensive way to achieve many good outcomes in urban transportation such as walkability, bikeability, increased safety and traffic calming.

A great example of a road diet is the Nationwide Boulevard project in the Arena District of Columbus (my fair city): Nationwide Boulevard Road Diet on Track for Fall Completion.  This project is also a great example of public-private partnerships, with funding coming from the City of Columbus and adjacent property owners.

Way to go, Cbus!  Now let’s talk again about protected bike lanes in downtown…