Out for Good podcast on Mobility in Columbus

I am happy to be part of the first episode of Out for Good, a weekly podcast that explores issues facing Central Ohio and highlights the individuals and organizations making an impact.

Elissa Scheider (Transit Columbus) and I discuss why mobility is important to our community with co-hosts Jason Phillips and J.M. Rayburn.  You can listen to the podcast here.

Columbus Wins USDOT Smart City Challenge!

Columbus is the winner of the US Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, beating out San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Kansas City, Denver and Pittsburgh.   Columbus will receive a $40 million federal grant combined with $10 million from Vulcan Inc. and matched by an additional $90 million from private sector partners.  The award will invest in next generation transportation technologies and services,  including driverless vehicles, advanced traffic analytics and intelligent infrastructure.

Big news – a real game-changer for Columbus!

News articles:

A more pedestrian, bike and transit friendly OSU


Good news, everybody!  The OSU has announced a new Comprehensive Transportation and Parking Plan that improves pedestrian, bike and public transit access and circulation on campus.  Read about it here: OSU Transit Plan Proposes Big Changes for Campus.

So happy to see progress towards sustainable transportation on campus – cars will be part of the future, of course, but its time we ended their preferential treatment and moved towards more balanced transportation systems.

I knew it was a good idea to appoint Jennifer Evans-Cowley, a highly regarded urban planner, as OSU’s Vice Provost for Capital Planning and Regional Campuses.  Keep up the good work, Jennifer!